Volunteers Needed for Code Purple

Volunteers collecting items for Code Purple program.
Volunteers collecting items for Code Purple program.

On Tuesday, September 15th, there was a meeting concerning the upcoming Code Purple season held at The Milford Community Center in the church sanctuary. Several items were discussed including this year’s program in Milford. Circle of Light representatives by Deacon Dottie Vuono and Beth Parker announced that the annual Lunch With A Purpose will be held at Baywood Greens on Clubhouse Way in Long Neck on October 9th. Circle of Light will be the beneficiary of this luncheon and Code Purple will receive items, such as blankets and other needs.

Code Purple began in Milford several years ago to support local individuals and families that are homeless during frigid temperatures. Code Purple will start as soon as the temperatures go below 32 degrees as the Milford Community Center will be open at 5:30 pm for intakes, from 6 to 7 pm for dinner, and doors will open in the morning at 8 am. When the guests leave it was the practice last year that the guests left with pop-top canned food if needed and toiletries. Referrals were given to the state service centers and other groups that might help the individuals in their time of crisis.

“It is important to us as a Milford family, to give back to our community and this is just a small way that we try and do that,” said Lisa Davis, Director of the Milford Community Center. “There are some many homeless women and children and if we can help one family, we are happy.”

The orginization is preparing the building to accept up to 15 homeless individuals on nights when the outside temperature is freezing. The showers and new bathrooms in the Milford Community Center are just about complete at the rear of the gym, so overnight guests will be able to shower.

“On a short term basis we provide them with a place to stay during the cold nights, we provide meals, they are  also able to shower and receive clean clothes for the family,” said Davis “Long term we provide different resources, like, connecting them to 211 and helping them with the steps to get them off the streets.”

According to organizers, last year the program suffered due to few overnight volunteers and meals throughout the winter months. The Milford Community Center is asking for volunteers to help with the overnight sanctuary or for donations including cots, blankets, clothing and food. Those interested in lending a helping hand can contact Davis at lldavis2727@gmail.com or 302-725-0770. The next meeting will be held at The Milford Community Center in the church sanctuary located at 105 NE Front Street, Milford, De 19963 at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, October 20.