Ross Elementary Welcomes New Administrator


Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 8.11.30 AMBy Terry Rogers

On Monday, October 6, students at Lulu M. Ross Elementary School will be greeted by a new face in the administrative office. Tania Beckett will assume the role of Assistant Principal, a position left vacant when Teresa Wallace took the position as principal of Mispillion Elementary.

“I come from a long line of educators,” Ms. Beckett said. “My father, mother and uncle were all teachers. I saw how the impacted and influenced lives. I wanted to make an impact on young people as well.”

Ms. Beckett has been a teacher at Tilghman Island Elementary School, Easton Elementary School and Chapel District Elementary School. She also taught Special Education at St. Michaels High School in Talbot County and Centerville Elementary in Queen Anne’s County. She taught at Ridgely Elementary before becoming Assistant Principal at Denton Elementary and she has been Assistant Principal at Federalsburg Elementary.

“I had a principal about five years ago tell me that she felt I would make a good administrator,” Ms. Beckett said. “That was the first time I ever thought about becoming an administrator. After thinking about it, I knew I would impact more students than just the students in my class.”

Some of the highlights of her teaching career have been when students see the potential in themselves that she sees in them. Ms. Beckett said that she enjoys when students return to her and let her know that she has impacted their lives. By the same token, Ms. Beckett says that seeing a student with excellent potential not being motivated to access that potential is one of her greatest challenges as a teacher.

Ms. Beckett said that she took the position in Milford in order to be part of the community. She said that her main goals are to foster academic and social growth in Milford.

“Ross has a diverse population of students and staff,” Ms. Beckett said. “I hope that I can be a positive addition to the school community.”