Outgoing Chamber President Reflects on Term


4By Terry Rogers

Angela Dorey, owner of Dorey Insurance and Financial Service, will end her term as the President of the Board of Directors for the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Milford on December 31, 2015. Ms. Dorey has served as president for the past two years and is finishing her second two-year term on the Board of Directors.

Ms. Dorey came to Milford from the suburbs of Wilmington ten years ago with her husband and oldest son. She said that she and her husband decided to relocate in order to escape the “hustle and bustle of New Castle County in order to raise their family. She has been in the insurance industry for 21 years, beginning while in high school working for an agent in the Prices Corner area.

“After college, I worked for a then Prudential agent, Butch Husfelt, in Middletown,” Ms. Dorey said. “Butch saw my passion and always told me that I would go far. He mentored me into a rewarding career as an insurance professional.”

In addition to serving as the CCGM President for two years, Ms. Dorey also served as Vice-President for one year and Secretary for two years. She said that one of the best things about living in Milford is getting to know the people and seeing how generous they are. She says that there is a strong sense of pride in the town as well. Ms. Dorey believes that Milford has a lot to offer, stating that the sense of pride and sense of giving is contagious.

“My biggest challenge as CCGM president had to be time management,” Ms. Dorey said. “As a parent, a wife, a business owner, the CCGM President, the Riverwalk Freedom Festival Chairperson, it was always difficult to find the time necessary to give 110 percent. I don’t want to do any job that I cannot give 110 percent to, even if I am only volunteering. My family, my business success nor my personal friendships would be where they are today if it wasn’t for giving back to the people and organizations of Milford.”

Ms. Dorey says that she cannot take credit for any specific accomplishment during her time as president. She says that she gives credit where credit is due and recognizes that CCGM is made up of over 300 members who each contribute in their own way.

“I often joke that I am just the ‘fearful leader,’” Ms. Dorey said. “I wanted to continue the thought process of a past president, Fred Rohm, suggesting that we needed to recognize and reward those people who contribute all year to CCGM. A committee was developed for the Annual Awards and Appreciation Dinner.” Ms. Dorey said that it has been a pleasure, especially during the 25th Anniversary of CCGM, which was celebrated throughout 2015, to recognize past presidents and those members who have been with us since the beginning. She said that she attempted to lead the organization in the direction of recognition of the past, our strong presence and to continue to build for the future.

Ms. Dorey feels that Milford has some momentum of its own right now to grow and improve with the ability to become even greater in the next few years. She said that the new Bayhealth facility will not only put Milford on the map, but will also boost the local economy, local schools and the overall wealth of the town. She encourages others to volunteer for local organizations in order to continue making Milford a great town in which to live and work.

As for her replacement, Ms. Dorey said that she stepped into the position with no formal training in leadership. She says that she is the perfect example that anyone with bright ideas, an open mind and a willing to work tirelessly while working well with others can be a leader.

“I think that the only reason I survived through the last few years as president is because of the support that I had from my husband and two sons, all of my friends, all of the members of CCGM, Executive Director, Jo Schmeiser, Executive Assistant, Laurie Judd and my fellow board members. I will continue to give to CCGM and the community as the chairperson of the Riverwalk Freedom Festival and will continue to attend events, support other members and possibly volunteer on the Ambassador Committee.”

Currently, Ms. Dorey’s replacement has not been selected as the CCGM Board of Directors will vote on a new president at their December meeting.