Milford Papa John’s Owner Started at Bottom


22By Terry Rogers

Adnan Azam, owner of Milford’s Papa John’s Pizza says that he began his career with the company as a delivery driver at the Dover location. Over the years, he was promoted to Assistant Manager in Dover, but said that he was unable to progress any higher. When the Milford location opened, he visited the store and spoke to the owner who hired him as the General Manager. He began working in that position in May 2011.

“The organization saw an opportunity in Milford as it is a beautiful town and growing,” Mr. Azam said. “I ran the Milford store for about a year and a half before he, in partnership with the owner of the Milford store, decided to open another location in Seaford. A few months after opening the Seaford location, the Dover store became available for purchase. Because I worked there and knew that the potential of the store was much greater than what they were producing, my partner and I decided to purchase that store as well.”

Mr. Azam said that the best thing about Papa John’s Pizza is that the founder, John Schnatter, sticks to his slogan of “better ingredients, better pizza.” He said that Mr. Schnatter goes to great lengths provide quality and never chooses ingredients based on their cost. Mr. Azam said that the black olives used on their product only come from Spain and all tomatoes that are used in the sauce come from California. They are also required to use the best cheeses available.

One of Mr. Schnatter’s trademarks is surprise visits to his franchise locations. Mr. Azam said that he has not yet made a visit to Milford or any of the other locations he owns.

“We would not be here without the support of the Milford community,” Mr. Azam said. “Milford has treated us great since we opened up in 2010. We like to give back to the community through donations, fundraisers and sponsorships. We have been doing fundraisers in our Dover and Seaford locations so we would love to begin doing them in Milford as well.”

One challenge the store has faced is finding good staff and keeping them with the franchise. Mr. Azam said that this is a consistent problem not only in Milford but in the other locations as well. He said that finding motivated, honest employees is sometimes a challenge. Papa John’s Pizza is located in the Airpark Plaza on Dupont Highway. The store offers deliver and carryout. Orders can be placed online or by calling 302-422-5525.

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