Benefits of Buying Art as Gifts

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By Terry Rogers

Gift giving season is rapidly approaching and many people have begun organizing their gift list, trying to determine what to purchase for friends and family. Before grabbing that generic gift card, necktie or sweater, consider purchasing original art.

“Original art is perfect if you are looking for a unique thoughtful gift,” said Cathy Walls of Mispillion Art Gallery. “The gift will be one of a kind, extremely personal and it isn’t really that complicated to find something great.” Ms. Walls says that there are several things to consider when looking at art as a gift.

Ms. Walls said that thinking of the person’s interests is the first step in choosing the perfect art piece, such as a favorite place, a familiar local attraction or nature scene that would appeal to them. Artists create paintings of almost anything, from flowers to wildlife to scenes that invoke pleasant memories. Friends and family may love the original painting of a local lake where they spent time as a child.

“It is important to remember that art is not always a painting,” Ms. Walls said. “Many people enjoy displaying unique pottery works on a shelf or table. Others may enjoy sculpture, hand-painted glassware or a dyed scarf or tie. There are many different types of original art, in all shapes and sizes. The fact that it is handmade will make it a one-of-a-kind gift.”

Mispillion Art Gallery offers works by many different local artists and Ms. Walls said that those on your list may actually have a favorite artist who displays at the gallery or may have a particular style of art that they enjoy. She suggested coming into the gallery or contacting them to learn the types of artists displaying works to get an idea of what is available. She also said that the gallery can work with anyone who is considering original art as a gift, helping them identify the best piece for that person on their list.

One suggestion is to look at artwork they currently own and choose an original work that is similar to that style. Volunteers at the Mispillion Art Gallery can help identify what style the gift recipient may enjoy, whether it is realistic, impressionistic or abstract, for example. Bringing the person into the gallery is another great way to identify items they may want to own.

“If you purchase a painting, it is important to get the painting framed before you give it is a gift,” Ms. Walls said. “Although some artists may frame their work before selling it, most do not. The frame is important not only because it makes the painting look more attractive, but also because it protects the painting and allows the recipient to hang it immediately. An original painting should be professionally framed unless you are experienced at framing.”

Ms. Walls said there were many galleries in Milford that offer unique, original art. The Mispillion Art Stroll is an excellent way to learn more about locations that sell original art in town. The galleries offer a plentiful selection of art throughout the year and all of the gallery owners are able to guide buyers in choosing the perfect gift.

From November 17 through January 9, Mispillion Art League is offering a special show that will feature original art priced for ‘giftability.’ “Shoppers will be able to meet the artists at a special reception on November 20 from 5:30 to 7:30m at the art gallery located at 5 North Walnut Street. For more information individuals are encouraged to call the Mispillion Art League at 302-430-7646 or visit them online at