Carlisle Helps Santa Visit Milford Neighboorhoods


s2For the first time this year, Carlisle Fire Company will be hosting Operation Santa across Milford and surrounding communities. Santa Claus will be riding a firetruck through the streets of the Greater Milford Area while passing out candy canes to all. The event will take place on December 9, 10, 14 and 17 between the times of 6 pm to 9 pm. Residents will be able to hear air horns and sirens, when Santa is near.

“We feel that we need to be back in the community a lot more and this will be a great start,” said Ryan Knowles, President of Carlisle Fire Company. “With us being a rather large city, we want to make sure people know that we appreciate their support throughout the year and that we are here to support them.”

On December 9, Santa will begin in Woods Haven and travel across NE Milford. On December 10, CSanta will continue into SE Milford, moving westward on December 14 and 17. The Carlisle Fire Department will attempt to hit almost every street in the city but with time restraints this may not always be possible. Members of Carlisle ask that residents go to their closest intersection and meet Santa there if he does not pass directly in front of their house.


Residents can see a full list or roads and times at