Omegaman Visits Mispillion to Discourage Bullying


Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 8.45.30 PMBy Terry Rogers

On Monday, November 23, Omegaman visited Mispillion Elementary School to discourage bullying. Omegaman is a world class superhero who travels around the universe teaching kids to be “dream makers and not dream breakers.”

Students and teachers were wearing their own superhero costumes as part of the event, many of them in capes and masks to celebrate the arrival of Omegaman. The assembly began with the “Casper Slide” and many students danced as they sat on the floor awaiting Omegaman’s arrival.

“I will make good choices every day of my life,” Omegaman said, asking students to repeat after him. “I will make sure my school is bully free. It starts with you and me, in the lunch room, in the classroom, on the playground and at home. You can be a hero just like Omegaman.” Omegaman explained that he wanted every student to be a HERO – Helping Everyone Respect Others. He explained that hitting or calling names was not a way to respect others, but being nice and kind was a way to be a hero.

Omegaman told the students he was able to break a baseball bat over his leg, tear a phonebook in half and bend a steel rod with his teeth, but even though that was “cool stuff,” it would not change the world. He said that every bad choice everyone made was listed in the Book of Bad Choices, lifting up the phonebook that had been labeled the “Book of Bad Choices.” He explained that he planned to rip that book up and throw it away.

“You can’t change your bad choices, but you can start making good choices today,” Omegaman said, as he proceeded to tear the book. He struggled with the book at first, telling the students that he was having trouble, but he was not going to quit. He said that the students should not quit making good choices either as he tore the book in half.

Omegaman said that his arch enemy was Deceptor, the leader of the Dream Breakers. He said that Deceptor tried to convince Omegaman to make bad choices and that he tried to do the same thing with the students. He said that although the kids may not have seen someone who looked like Deceptor, that did not mean he was not trying to convince them to make bad choices because Deceptor could change what he looked like.

“If someone says one bad thing to you or does something bad, that does not make them a bully,” Omegaman said. “When they do it a lot, call you names every day, hit you every day or make fun of you every day, that is a bully. If someone is bullying you, it is not right to fight them, to hit them. You go tell someone, like a teacher, what they are doing. If you see someone else being bullied, you don’t do nothing. You go to a teacher and tell them what you saw happening and you tell the bully to stop.”

Omegaman asked if the students had ever heard the saying that sticks and stones could break bones, but words could not hurt them. He said that this saying was not true because words can hurt people. When someone is bullied, they begin to believe what the bully says, that they are not good enough, pretty enough or smart enough, Omegaman explained.

After breaking the baseball bat and bending the steel with his teeth, Omegaman said that bullying often starts small, demonstrating with a student volunteer that he carried on his back. He then chose a larger student to demonstrate how bullying gets harder to carry as it goes on. Finally, he chose a male teacher from the audience and placed him on his back to show that when someone is bullied it became almost impossible to carry around. However, the problem was not the large burden as much as the small burden as bullying is easier to deal with when it is small, not when it has gone on for a long time. Each student was given a bracelet to wear that indicated they were dedicated to making Mispillion Elementary a bully-free zone at the end of the assembly.