Choosing Adult Spirits as Holiday Gifts

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By Terry Rogers

Choosing the perfect gift during the holiday season can sometimes be challenging, especially for that person who seems to already have everything. One option for that hard-to-buy friend or family member is to choose adult spirits as a holiday gift.

“If the person you are buying for enjoys the occasional cocktail, purchasing their favorite brand is an excellent option for the holidays,” said Paul Singh of Cypress Wine and Spirits in Milford. “Most people know what brand of Scotch, whiskey or vodka their friend or family member enjoys. For example, Crown Royal is very popular around here, so most people know to ask for it when they come in.” Mr. Singh said that if someone comes in who is not sure what brand their friend or family member enjoys, they can help them choose one that they will more than likely enjoy.

Mr. Singh said that they get requests from business owners as well who want to purchase different gifts for their employees and clients. They often recommend nice bottles of wine since it is difficult to know what each person likes.

“Most people enjoy getting a nice bottle of wine as a gift,” Mr. Singh said. “There are many different types available that we can help select for them.” Mr. Singh also suggested purchasing boxed sets of liquor as well, especially if it is a type of liquor the recipient is not familiar with as they often include recipes and glasses designed for those recipes.

There are some things to keep in mind, however, if you are choosing alcohol as a gift, the first is to be sure that the person you are giving it to will appreciate such a gesture. If you are unsure whether the person is a drinker, it is best to avoid giving any type of adult beverage. Mr. Singh said that most people who come in to purchase gifts are aware of what the recipient enjoys and that the alcohol will be well received.

“If someone comes in asking for Scotch, they often tell us what brand they are looking for,” Mr. Singh said. “However, we know what some of the best sellers are, such as Glenfiddich. Holiday drinks also call for certain types of liquors, such as Bailey’s Irish Cream for coffee or hot chocolate. Vodka for holiday flavored martinis are also popular this time of year.”

In addition to wines and liquor, craft beers are growing in popularity as gifts with the explosion of the craft beer industry throughout the country. Local breweries such as Mispillion River Brewing, Dogfish Head, 16 Mile and Fordham are popular items to give as gifts as well as to take for the hostess or host of holiday parties. Wine is another popular item to take as host or hostess gifts when you are attending an event at someone’s home.

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