The Search for Chance Continues


33In early December of last year, local animal rescue organization Grass Roots Rescue (GRR) extradited 11 Australian Shapers from a property in Sussex County. Living in poor conditions, the rescued dogs were malnourished and appeared to have health concerns as they were found in an outside pen filled with mud and little shelter. Upon arrival to the property, each of the eleven dogs were given medical attention as they began their road to recovery with foster families.

GRR works with several foster families throughout Delaware to provide safe homes for animals until they find their ‘forever family’. In the process of rescuing dogs and cats and getting them adopted, the organization provides spay and neuter services and life-saving veterinary care. When funds allow, GRR also provides vet care for the pets of people with limited income and also performs trap-neuter-return for community cats.

One of the eleven Aussies that were recently saved from the December rescue in Sussex County, is receiving a lot of attention in the Greater Milford Area. Chance, a black and white Australian Shepard with blue eyes, escaped from his foster family several weeks ago and is still on the run.

Foster mom Ashlyn Sammons said the Chance came to her as a very timid, shy and anxious animal, taking weeks to warm up to her and feel any sense of comfort around humans.

“Chance was never aggressive but he was very timid,” said Sammons. “You could tell out of the dogs that were rescued that he needed the most affection, he was scared and appeared to have little human interaction.” According to Sammons the older dogs that were rescued were estimated to be on the property they were found for five years, with Chance possibly being born into the situation.

While over her grandmother’s house, Sammons was acclimating Chance with other humans to help with his development of social interactions. According to the family, upon hearing the loud noise of gun shots in a nearby field, Chance broke free from his lease and headed down Wilkins Rd in Milford, DE. Since December 16, 2016, Chance has been on the run with several individuals spotting him across the Greater Milford Area including Johnson Road, N Old State Rd, the Mispillion Drawbridge, Milford Public Library and Thompsonville Road.

Grass Roots Rescue co-founder Karli Swope has headed up a search effort to find Chance in order to give the rescued animal another opportunity to find his forever home. Several volunteers have handed out flyers while canvassing the area and GRR has sought consultation from regional animal trackers. As the efforts continue, individuals are asked to not chase Chance if they see him but to contact Ashlyn Sammons immediately so that the group can send volunteers to the area of the sighting.

“Chance is not harmful or aggressive but is timid and can be scared around people,” said Sammons. “Our volunteers will be the best way to ensure the safety of Chance and those rescuing him.”

To help with the search of Chance, Grass Roots Rescue volunteers are asking members of the community to share photos and information of Chance on social media and with family and friends that live in the areas where Chance has been sighted. If seen, individuals are asked to please call Ashlyn Sammons at 302-535-6561.