Milford Swimmers Giving It Their All





By Kevin Eickman

This past Thursday the Milford boys’ and girls’ swim teams hosted Henlopen South rival Indian River. While the results may not have been astounding, they was certainly an indication that the Buccaneers are improving under first year coach Jenna Rathfon. While the boys would fall to the visiting Indians 89-77, the girls would would earn a hotly contested tie 84-84.

“I was real pleased with how we swam today, tying Indian River was a big step for the girls, I’m very happy with how well they did,” Rathfon stated. “The boys put up a real good showing too, they have been putting a great deal of work and it is really starting to show.”

Rathfon is a Milford graduate and member of the of the 2010 Buccaneer squad that went undefeated and earned the Henlopen Conference title that same year. She has enjoyed her first season at the helm of the squad and is looking to restore the luster of the program. “Having gone to school here, I know how good it can be,” Rathfon said. “I can see it in this group, I honestly think we can bring the spirit back to Milford.” Another indicator that Rathfon likes is the number of swimmers on this year’s squad. “We have a really big team this year, reversing what had been happening here over the last few years,” she said. “When you have good numbers, it makes everyone that much better, that much more competitive.”

Rathfon was an assistant coach last season and is finding it quite challenging. “It’s a lot more stressful, you really need to make sure your people are where they need to be in order to win a meet,” Rathfon stated. “Now that I’m in the coaches shoes and I need to think about what everybody is doing and ensure that they are doing it correctly.” One area that Rathfon believes the squad is improving in, is that of confidence. “It’s about them believing in themselves, understanding that if they put in the work they are going to reach their goals.”

One of this year’s captains is senior Leigh Rossetti, who has been enjoying the responsibilities of her position. “It’s great to be able to help your teammates become better, getting them motivated is a lot of fun. Getting them hyped up to compete is really great,” commented Rossetti.


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Senior Shane Feightner is one of the boy’s captains and enjoys has enjoyed swimming for Rathfon. “Jenna is a real good coach and we have a real great time swimming for her,” said Feightner. “It’s important for me to help out where I can so that we can keep getting better.”

The other girl’s captain is Sara Lingo, who is closing out a solid career for the Buccaneers. Being one of the more accomplished swimmers on the squad, Lingo believes it is important to be there for her teammates. “When they have a question or need help, it’s important to be there for them,” Lingo said. The part that Lingo likes about the squad this year is the togetherness that they enjoy working with each other. “Everyone is really close and everyone is really supportive of each other,” said Lingo. “Everyone is real happy and enjoy being together. They enjoy practicing and working together, which isn’t always the case.”