Mispillion Fitness Offers Specialized Group Training


By Terry Rogers

Getting in shape and living a healthy lifestyle are one of the top resolutions made at the beginning of each year. Unfortunately, too many people slip back into bad habits, avoiding the gym and ignoring the process that made them feel better. This is not the case for six people who signed up for “The Push” almost 90 days ago at Mispillion Fitness.

“The program is a high-intensity hybrid training program,” said Scott Anderson, co-trainer for the group. “It is a combination of different training. We took the good things in different styles of working out, such as Olympic lifts and Crossfit, and create a workout program that provides result in a short amount of time.”

The Push is a six-person team training program in which six people who are strangers at the start of the program work together, pushing each other, in a 90-day exercise class. The program includes the workout and each participant is provided a macro-nutrition diet to follow. Each month, the trainers sit down with the participants to go over what they call a “report card.”

“Each week, the participants are weighed and we take measurements on a monthly basis,” Mr. Anderson said. “Then, we sit down with the person and go over the results. If something is not working, we review what we can do to change it. We also point out the things that are working.” Mr. Anderson said the program works whether the participant wants to gain or lose weight.

“I started with a Boot Camp Class here at the gym,” Melinda said. “I was trying to lose weight and the first class gave me some good fundamentals. I signed up for this class because it seemed like it would be fun. It is a good group to be part of. Steve and Scott are very good to work with and I’ve seen results in lost weight and inches.” Melinda says she will sign up for the program again when the 90 days ends soon.

This is the first time Mispillion Fitness has offered a program like this. Steve Shane, manager of Mispillion Fitness and co-trainer for the group, said that the format allows him some creativity in designing workouts as well.

“It is always something new,” Mr. Shane said. “It is not the same workout each time, so people don’t get bored. The workout is posted on the wall and everyone comes in and looks at it, like kids running to the chalkboard in a classroom.” Mr. Shane said there are often groans about the intensity of the workout, but that the small class size allows the participants to grow together as they become more fit.

Mr. Anderson said that all of the participants have done really well and that all six of them intend to sign up for the next round of The Push.

“It is a great atmosphere,” Taylor, another of the participants, said. “I like working with a group of people. We push each other, we make fun of each other, it all motivates us. Steve and Scott definitely amp us up and get us in the mindset to improve. In just two months, I have gained almost four inches in my chest and a half-inch in my biceps. The program really does work.”

Mr. Shane said that because this is the first time he has trained like this, it has been a learning experience. He said that other workouts like the one used in The Push have a high injury rate. For that reason, he and Mr. Anderson have planned routines with exercises that reduce the chance of injury and eliminated those that are more likely to cause a participant to get hurt. The current class is made up of teachers who are able to get to the gym immediately after school at 3 PM. He said that getting the time to get to the gym is often an obstacle, so this method of training allows some flexibility as it is intense, but not a long workout.

“I have met some physical goals I set for myself,” Kelly, another participant in the group who plans to sign up again, said. “I love the motivation, the teamwork and the schedule. The workouts are very intense, but I like that the trainers meet with us to talk about our goals and to discuss where we need to make adjustments. Since there are two trainers, I don’t feel as if I am going it alone. I have someone who knows what they are doing creating a workout plan for me. I also like that the exercises work my whole body each week, not just one part at a time.”

Anyone who is interested in learning more about The Push or any other training program at Mispillion Fitness should call 302-422-4442 or stop in the gym located in the Riverwalk Shopping Center near Abbott’s Grill.


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