2nd Annual Milford Science Fair


By Staff Report

The 2nd annual Milford Science Fair Night to build science in the community was held on February 4. Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students showcased their science fair projects and demonstrated and taught science to all ages. Demonstrations included students making density columns, using air pressure to collapse soda cans, building a series and parallel electrical circuits, racing cars to calculate speed and using rock tumblers to teach weathering of rocks. For the second year in a row, community vendors from around the area came out to showcase how they use science in their careers including ILC Dover; DNREC Environmental crime unit; Hillis-Carnes Engineering Associates.

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Science Fair Winners:

6th Grade: Ismael Perez Roblero- Honorable Mention
Kyleigh Dunlap- Third Place
Yberson Viccama – Second Place
Jacob Meier- First Place

7th Grade- Wilfrantz Francois- Second Place
Leah Sisson – First Place

8th Grade- Honorable Mention- Lil Wiley – Honorable Mention
Tyler Ayers – Third Place
Seven Wilson – Second Place
Josh Ennis – First Place