Dr. Walsh Retires After 36 Years


22By Terry Rogers

After 36 years providing chiropractic services in Milford, Dr. Lynn Walsh retired in mid-February. Dr. Walsh said that he just decided it was time after 50 years in healthcare.

“I started in radiology as a PA in 1960 and spent 12 years doing that,” Dr. Walsh said. “I decided to go to chiropractic school after I developed back problems and had to have surgery. I decided there had to be a better way.” Dr. Walsh said that he enjoyed the more holistic approach to medicine in the chiropractic field.

Dr. Walsh said that a chiropractor deals with the patient as a whole, not just focusing on surgical procedures to eliminate issues. He said that if surgery is necessary, a chiropractor will recommend it, but it is usually a last resort.

“There are times that surgery is necessary and when it is, I always recommended it,” Dr. Walsh said. “I had back surgery myself so there are definitely times when it is warranted. But we do try to use non-surgical methods as much as possible.”

Dr. Walsh said that the best thing about his career was helping people feel better. He said that he treated more than just back problems as patients came to him with indigestion, headaches and neck pain that were often caused by misalignments in their body.

His road to success was not smooth in Milford, however, Dr. Walsh said that when he opened his practice in Milford, he was not accepted by the medical community. He said there was about a three-year boycott of his services where local physicians refused to refer patients to him. He said a few doctors, including Dr. Crabb and Dr. Wagner, referred patients to him and, slowly, others began doing the same. He says that most of the doctors who continued to refuse to send patients were no longer living. He said that that the medical community and the public now had a better understanding of the place chiropractic treatment has in the medical field.

Dr. Walsh helped several other chiropractors get their start in the Milford area, including Dr. Gary Morgan, Dr. Eric Ledford and Dr. Garrett Herring. Dr. Ledford and Dr. Herring now run the practice that Dr. Walsh operated for so long and Dr. Morgan has his own thriving practice in Milford.

When asked why he chose now to retire, he said that it was “just time.” Dr. Walsh said that changes to the insurance industry and the Affordable Care Act made it much more difficult to practice, so he decided it was time to move on to another chapter in his life.