Snow Queen Comes to Downtown


Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 8.20.57 AMSecond Street Players Children’s Theater has announced that the performance of The Snow Queen by Ruth Cantrell will occur March 11, 12 and 13 at the Riverfront Theatre in downtown Milford. Friday and Saturday curtain is 7pm and Sunday Curtain is at 1pm.

The Snow Queen, originally by Hans Christian Anderson, has been told in many ways. One in particular was made into a famous movie with a rather Icy title. In Ruth Cantrell’s version, the cold-hearted Snow Queen kidnaps children in search of her lost son. When she abducts Kai, his younger sister Gerda vows to bring him home. Traveling north, Gerda encounters Conjure Woman and Aurora Borealis who guide her, and those who accompany her; Cawtrina Crow, Prince Erik and Randolph, a reindeer. The Snow Queen sends her henchmen, Frostbite, Blue Norther and the Snow Drifts, to stop the young girl. As Gerda reaches the Snow Queen’s palace and finds Kai cold-hearted, the audience will find out if her love and devotion can warm his heart and if together they can find a way to transform the cold Snow Queen into the loving mother she once was.

Directors Guy Crawford and Tabitha and Heath Yarnall bring this show to life at the Riverfront Theater with the help of some very icy and frozen characters of all ages.

Kai, who is abducted by the Snow Queen, will be played by Colby Crawford. The carefree character at the beginning of the performance turns into a mean, cold individual after he runs into the magic mirror. Crawford, at the age of 11, has performed in 16 different shows including Second Street Player’s Ever After and A Christmas Story. He hopes that children that come to see the performance will see how fun live performances can be.

“Theatre is fun and it allows me to be myself,” said Crawford. “Kids should join theatre, you get to be yourself and see that every one is weird and wacky.”

Sydney Gross plays the Snow Queen, the villain of the performance who abducts Kai. “I love playing the villain,” said Gross. “You get to step into a different mindset and create a whole new backstory to create your own character.”

Gross, who is 14-years-old, has been acting for nine years and has appeared in 37 shows including Second Street Player’s Peter Pan and Aladdin. In addition to enjoying her role as Snow Queen, Gross says that the message of the performance is important to understand. “The message is that family ties are strong and that they are on of the most unbreakable bonds.”

The Snow Queen is a story for all ages and the theatre encourages people to bring the whole family to experience the exciting adventure on March 11, 12 and 13. Friday and Saturday curtain is 7pm and Sunday Curtain is at 1pm.  Tickets can be purchased at the door and are $ 10 for ages 18 and up and $5 for anyone 17 and younger. On Friday March 11 a special family night will be held as all tickets are Pay What You Can. All performances will be held at the Riverfront Theater 2 S. Walnut St, Milford, DE.