History & Growth of MMS Soccer


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Before 2004, There was no female Milford Middle School soccer team, Prior to 2004 the only way middle school girls could play school soccer was to play and be apart of the boys team. After a period of time nagging Kevin Dickerson, he approved a Female Middle School soccer program.

So that plan was put into place, In their opening season they were a club team and the girls would meet after school two days a week for drills and skills. The second year, they remained a club team meeting two days a week to work on skills of the game but with the added bonus of having five scrimmages against other local middle school girls soccer teams.

Finally in the third year the Milford Middle school girls played a full season schedule. As each year has passed there has been a good size increase in the amount of girls that tryout for the team and show their Milford pride. Because of the Milford Middle School girls soccer program, players were able to work on their skills which lead to some of them having success at the high school level.

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First ever female Milford Middle School soccer team


The 2011 MHS girls soccer team qualified for the state tournament for the first time ever. Rebekah Yanacek became a 3 time all-state player and schools all-time leading scorer, Brianna Talkington became a 2 time all-state defender. There have been numerous players voted on the all conference teams over the years.

In 2015 I was asked by Coach Keith Short to come on board and bring my knowledge and enthusiasm to the team and last year we had an amazing season with the girls. Their passion and understanding of what they were being taught really showed on the field and it was a real pleasure to watch these young ladies bond and play as one. So much so that after a great season most of the A squad players asked about playing in a late summer/fall travel team for Parks and Recreation. So the Ninja Warriors were born and went through that season unbeaten.

So an idea came to enter them into the Kohls cup in Dover and the super talented Milford ladies not only showed how much of a strong bond they had as a team but the talent to win the whole thing. Now in 2016 the Female Milford Middle School team is looking forward to another great season. We had a record number of ladies trying out for the team, so much so we could have made an extra squad if other schools in the area also wanted to do the same; making cuts as a coach is a very hard thing for everyone. When you get a big chunk of ladies who did not make the A or B team still wanting to come out and train just to be part of this amazing group really says something about how special this group and program really is.

The current squad of players train for two hours a day, five days a week after school with a mix of fitness and skills training. I am excited that this upcoming season really could be the best season yet. It would be something if we could get some big crowds for our home games; seeing these ladies play and bond together is nothing short of magical. I feel because of this program, it has helped our area girls have a better understanding and love for the game.

So here is to another successful season for the Milford Middle School ladies soccer season. The first home game is on April 6th at 4pm against Dover Air. So bring your voices and cheer on our amazing Milford Ladies.


2015 Milford Ninja Warriors Ladies Squad.
2015 Milford Ninja Warriors Ladies Squad.