Campbell Files for City Council Seat


IMG_1017By Terry Rogers

Archie Campbell, who currently serves as the Planning Commission Chairman for the City of Milford, recently filed to run for the City Council seat left open when Councilman Garrett Grier announced he would not seek reelection. Mr. Campbell feels that his background in the corporate world as well as his service on the Planning Commission makes him the best candidate for the council seat.

“I spent 13 years on Wall Street and then acted as the Director of Operations at Loreal Lancome,” Mr. Campbell said. “I also worked for five different companies under Johnson & Johnson, where I earned the name ‘the doctor’ because I was sent in to fix things.” Mr. Campbell said he has also been on the Planning Commission for six years, serving as chairman for the past year after former chairman Jamie Burk moved to City Council.

Mr. Campbell said that he decided to run for council because he wants to see projects approved initially by the Planning Commission through to completion. He said that he felt serving on council will allow him to become more progressive and that he wants to see the end results of decisions he helped to make. One of the most important changes he sees coming to Milford is the new Bayhealth campus that is planned to open in 2019 which he says will change Milford significantly.

“In five years, you will not even recognize Milford,” said Mr. Campbell. “It has changed tremendously since I came here nine years ago. The new health campus has the potential to bring business and new residents to the area, but we need to change the ambience of our town in order to have new employees at the hospital choose Milford to live in over Milton or Lewes.”

One of the things Mr. Campbell would like to see happen is to have code enforcement officials with the city required to report to the Chief of Police rather than the City Manager. He said he feels as if tying code enforcement to the police force will give the enforcement officers more authority. He said that code enforcement was a significant problem in Milford and that improving the ambiance of the city was important in order to encourage new businesses and residents to locate in the city.

Mr. Campbell, who is retired, works as a substitute teacher at the Milford Central Academy and Milford High School. He is also an active volunteer in Milford, serving as a member of the Milford Lions Club and coaching the Milford High School Swim Team for the past year. He also founded the Milford Marlins, the swim team for the Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club. Mr. Campbell said he was a swimmer in college which is why he wanted to promote the sport in Milford. He and his wife, Veronica “Ronnie,” have two children, Arthur and Monica.

“I understand that there are a lot of people who don’t like change,” Mr. Campbell said. “However, change is inevitable. I will represent Ward 1 and we are a unique district. The new hospital will be located in our ward. We also have several developments including Hearthstone Manor and the Meadow at Shawnee with a large number of retirees, many of whom are out of state. If I am elected to council, it is my job to sell what my constituents want and need to council. If it does not pass, that is on me because I didn’t sell it to other council members. One of the things I took pride in throughout my corporate career was owning my own mistakes and problems.”

Mr. Campbell said that he wants to see more economic development downtown. He said he feels that it is unfortunate that business downtown close so early on Fridays and Saturdays when many people want to be in the downtown area. He also says he does not like the turnover downtown with businesses opening and closing every six months. He also would like to see more beautification in the downtown area as he feels the Riverwalk could be used to attract visitors downtown.

“Another thing I would like to see changed is the requirement for residents to register to vote with the city in order to participate in town elections,” Mr. Campbell said. “We are one of only a few towns in the state that still requires that a voter register with the town separately from the federal or state voter registration. I feel this is an unnecessary step.”

Mr. Campbell said that he feels he is the best option for the city council seat because he and his wife have a vested interest in making Milford a great place to live. He said that he wants to do more for the community and feels that serving on city council is one of the best ways he can help move Milford forward over the next few years.

The election for the vacant seat in the First Ward will be held Saturday, April 23, 2016 between noon and 8 pm. Voters must live in Ward I of the City of Milford and must be registered to vote with the city. State and national registration to vote does not qualify residents as they must also be registered with the city. For more information on voter registration, individuals can call 424-3712.