Don’t Believe Everything You Hear


danaBy Dana McDonald, Morning Host Cool 101.3

Before I go any further, let me start by saying this…I will be extremely surprised if this article even sees the light of day. Why? Let me explain…

My name is Dana McDonald, and I do the morning show on Cool 101.3, and I LOVE my job. If you’ve ever met a morning radio DJ, you know that we are not quite “right”. What else would you expect from people who eat spaghetti at 7 o’clock in the morning. We’re a little off center, we have a twisted view of the world, and we’re always looking for things to talk about on the air that will connect us with you, the listener. We talk about politics, religion, sports, money, family, entertainment, love…anything that might matter to you and your world. And, we LOVE to make you laugh. Everyone enjoys a good joke right?
Well, ALMOST everyone…..

In case you do not know, Milford Live was started by Bryan Shupe in 2010, a great guy, who also became the Mayor of Milford in 2014. Flashback to the morning of April 1, 2015, when this morning radio guy thought it would be a good idea to play an April Fool’s Day joke on my audience. Nothing too ridiculous or over the top, just enough to make it sound like it might actually be true. So as I opened the microphone for the first time that morning, I shared the “news” that Milford was getting a Gentleman’s Club…woo hoo!
It’s home would be the Milford Armory, which has sat vacant for years. I went on to mention the name of the club, it’s hours, and nightly “specials”. The phones and our FaceBook page went crazy!

To my surprise, not ONE person caught on that it was a joke. There were supporters who called and said it was a great idea and would be a nice boost for the local economy. Others were furious that the city would allow this kind of establishment in their “backyard”. I had guys calling and asking how long until it opened, followed by calls from their wives or girlfriends telling them they would come home to changed locks if they set foot in the club. I even had former city officials call and say that something must have been going on “under the table” because the area around the Armory is zoned residential, and there was no way this Gentlemen’s Club could have gotten the proper permits. I was loving it. This went on for almost three hours…

Finally, just before 10 o’clock that morning, I took the last listener phone call. It was from a former 10 year Planning & Zoning employee who told me he was very suspicious about the whole thing because, as he put it, “you can’t even fart” without getting approval. I interrupted him mid sentence to say “April Fool”!.After about 5 seconds of silence, he said, “You got me good. You got me REAL good.” We had a good laugh and I wrapped up my show for the day.

Judging by the number of phone calls, emails and questions they received, City Hall and Mayor Shupe’s office were not nearly as amused by my joke…I found this post later that day on Mayor Shupe’s personal Facebook page… “Please keep in mind today is April Fools Day, not everything you read and hear is true. There is no major news or releases from the City today. As always if you have any questions please contact City Hall at 302-424-3712.” It’s a little overdue, but I want to thank Mayor Shupe for having a sense of humor. When I get out of prison, I’ll thank him in person (kidding). I LOVE what I do, and I invite you to listen weekday mornings between 5:30 and 10.

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