Night of Arts Honors Late Teacher


The Kelly Tyrelll Gill Night of the Arts, hosted by Milford High School (MHS) Visual and Performing Arts Department, was held on Thursday, May 12. While visual arts students displayed their work throughout the hallways of the school, Milford’s talented performing art students including the MHS jazz band, concert band and women’s select ensemble honored the late Kelly Tyrell Gill.

Kelly Tyrelll Gill was an art teacher at the Milford High School who passed away in 2009 after fighting a courageous battle with cancer. At the young age of 38, she was not only a talented artist and teacher but also served the community as she coached high school girls in the sports of field hockey and softball. As an instrumental part of developing the Night of the Arts at the Milford High School, Kelly is now honored by her colleagues and friends with the bi-annual event.


2016 Night of the Arts

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The importance of the Night of the Arts continues Tyrell’s legacy by demonstrating to students that ex- pression and presentation of their work is very much a part of visual and performing arts. Art students displayed two- and three-dimensional art across the school. In the following days the students will eval- uate and discuss their own work and that of their peers.

Honoring the memory of Kelly Tyrelll Gill, the Night of the Arts also stresses the importance of art in the education of young minds. Organizers hope that the talent of the students will demonstrate how critical visual and performing are as a part of the public education system. A bi-annual event, the next Kelly Tyrell Gill Night of the Arts will be held at the Milford High School in December of 2016.


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