Students Selected for DE College Scholars Program


3By Terry Rogers

The Delaware College Scholars Program is designed to provide an intensive workshop experience targeted towards first generation and low-income students that have demonstrated college-readiness by their sophomore year. Only 40 students are chosen for the two-week residential workshop that will be held over the summer. Three of those chosen for the program this year are Milford High School sophomores, Sebastian Cortes, Joshua Burgos and Nathaniel Hall.

“In order for the students to be eligible for the Delaware College Scholars program, they must have PSAT scores in English of 360 and Math of 470 or higher,” Mike Sharp, Guidance Counselor at Milford High School said. “They also must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and have AP potential in Math or English. Although low income is not required to be chosen, strong preference is given to students who are the first in their family to attend college and whose income may be low.”

Sebastian Cortes says that he has not decided yet which college he plans to attend and has not chosen a career path currently. He said that he is in college preparation classes and that he was considering entering some type of engineering program. He said that he enjoys math and science subjects and was excited about being able to attend the workshops that are designed help them understand what attending college would be like.

“He is the math science guy,” said Joshua Burgos. “I like history subjects more. I think I want to go into some type of technology, but I am not sure yet either. Most of my friends are considering the University of Delaware, so I definitely want to check it out, but haven’t really made up my mind yet.”

Nathaniel Hall said that he was really excited to learn that he was chosen for the program because he thinks it will give him an edge when he applies to colleges. He said that he hopes to get some tips on passing the SATs “with flying colors” and to enhance his math and writing skills.

“I’m still deciding what I want to do,” Nathaniel said. “I’ve visited a few local colleges, but only two, so I am still looking. I haven’t found one that interests me yet. My favorite subjects are science and STEM classes, especially Agricultural Structures and Mechanics.”

The three young men will be invited back to the summer workshops each year until they are ready to enroll in college. All of the students said they received a letter in the mail letting them know they had been chosen, but were unsure how the Delaware College Scholars were chosen. They said that they believed it was their outstanding academic work as well as the social aspect of their high school career. They are hoping that the program will prepare them for success when they go to college.

“There is no charge to the student to attend this summer workshop,” Mr. Sharp said. “The invitation is tailored based on student eligibility and the specific school needs.”