Hudson Running for 33rd State Rep Seat


fgOn Tuesday, September 13, local Republican voters will be deciding which candidate they want to represent the 33rd State House of Representative seat in the upcoming general election. The 33rd District represents Kent County including parts of Frederica, Houston, Magnolia and Milford. The three Republican candidates are Morgan Hudson, Charles Postles and Robert Scott.

Morgan Hudson is a graduate of Cabrini College with a Bachelors in Human Resources with Honors and was a member of the International Business Honor Society. She is currently the Head of Field Operations for a small family business in the Milford area.

1. Why are you running for the Delaware House of Representatives?

I want to change policies that obstruct hard working people from achieving financial stability and policies that hinder local businesses from growing/starting up. I want to create career jobs, not just temporary jobs that throw our economy into a vicious loop of continuous unemployment.

2. What personal or professional background will assist you in performing the duties of State House of Representatives?

My personal experience will aid me in my duties as Representative dearly, such as earning my bachelor degree in Human Resources, will assist me in the knowledge of legal & moral business practices. My time spent working for the District Attorney’s office of Philadelphia as a HR specialist intern will assist me with the tough process of Health Care Reform. My numerous mission trips & time spent volunteering, which include local causes, Louisiana, New York, and a third world country, Ecuador, will guide me in my leadership of humbly serving the people.

As for my professional experiences I believe my past employment opportunities will aid in my leadership such as my employment at a tax firm. Working at a tax firm has provided me the knowledge of loopholes in the current system and tax deductions decreases for small businesses. Inadvertently hurting local businesses and hard-working people. My employment as a waitress has taught me that many hard-working people are struggling to make ends meet and in some cases are barely making enough to take care of their families, which makes creating career jobs imperative. The greatest professional experience that will aid in performing my duties as a Representative in the State House of Representative, will be my family business. When your family has a business, the business becomes a majority of your life. Employing people who will then work with you 40-50 hours a week becomes personal not just business. A properly run business is the make or breaking point for any business and the same goes for our government. Our government needs to become personal again, we need a government that will allow hard-working people the chance to live the American Dream.

Working in the construction industry for the past nine years has taught me that government regulations are hurting our economy, driving companies out of our state or in some cases out of the country. We need to encourage the entrepreneurship spirit and support our local businesses because more business equals more jobs, which then bring in more revenue in to our state. With more revenue we can improve our infrastructure, stop increasing taxes, and focus on bettering our state.

3. What statewide challenges do you believe are most significant and how will you assist in finding a solution ?

Our state and local challenges are sometimes one in the same. One challenge being there is not enough well paying jobs for the amount of people searching/needing one. The simple solution would be to get out of the way of the job creators, local businesses. We can not continue to drive businesses out of Delaware and rely on increasing taxes to make up for the lost revenue.

4. What local challenges do you believe are most significant and how will you assist in finding a solution ?

I plan to work with local officials like any well respected person would, you simply communicate. People often allow power and ego to get in the way of solving problems, I vow to stay humble and put the people first. A majority of problems can be solved or even prevented by working together and by communicating in an understandable way.

5. Give an example of something you would like to change in the next year if you are elected to the Delaware House of Representative.

I would like to change the policies that hurt businesses, example raising gas taxes or proposing mileage taxes instead. We need to work with our businesses to create more jobs not against.

6. Why should voters choose you over your opponent on Tuesday, September 13 ?

I don’t believe in putting people down, no good can come from it. For your question, I would like to just inform the voters that I’m willing to put my time and my energy into serving them. I plan to work tireless into the early morning hours if need be to make sure you and your family are being represented in a fair and honest way. I plan to work with residents, local officials, and other member of the general assembly on providing the best opportunities for my constituents.


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