Fur-Baby Provides State Required Dog Licenses


screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-9-03-35-amAlthough the State of Delaware took over animal control efforts across all three counties on January 1, 2016, many dog owners are still unaware that dogs over the age of six months are required to obtain a State license. Previously administered by each county, dog licenses are now available at a hand full of locations across Delaware including Fur-Baby Boutique, Spa, Daycare & Hotel in downtown Milford, DE. With proof of current rabies vaccination, dog owners can fill out paperwork, pay the State fee in store and walk out with the license in hand.

Required by the State of Delaware, dog licenses help identify pets if they go missing, prevent the spread or rabies and is cheaper than the penalties for not having one, a $50 fine. A license tag helps animal control and shelters quickly identify a dog and get them back to owners safely, many times before the dog is taken to a shelter. Even a member of the public can find the owner by using the tag number, website and phone number included on the tag.

“We constantly see photos of missing pets on social media in Delaware and receive phone calls asking us to help spread the word to look out for missing pets in our area,” said Sherry Shupe, owner of Fur-Baby Boutique, Spa, Daycare & Hotel. “The licenses do allow your pet to have a better chance of being found if they do happen to go missing.” Shupe also suggests that pet owners microchip their dogs to help their chances of finding home if need be.

Dog licenses can be purchased for one year at $10, two years at $20 or three years at $30 for spayed and neutered pets. Unaltered pets cost $5 more per year. Fees are waived for seeing eye, guide or lead dogs or dogs who have former US Military service. If a State Animal Welfare enforcement officer finds a dog without a license, owners can end up paying a fine of $50, more for repeat offenses. A dog cannot be licensed unless it is properly vaccinated. Animal control or a Good Samaritan will be much more likely to want to handle and care for a missing pup if they know that it is healthy.

Fur-Baby Boutique, Spa, Daycare & Hotel also offer Discount Vaccination events twice a month where pets can receive vaccinations for rabies, distemper and bordetella as well as microchips. The next dates for this program are September 28 and October 9 and 30 from 4 to 6pm. These events are run by Dr. Lea Tammi, Veterinarian MD and her assistant, Wanda Boogaard.

“While I was at the shelter, the main reason most people turned in their pets was because they simply could not afford veterinary care,” Dr. Tammi said. “When I retired, Wanda came to me and told me that we needed to start a home visit and wellness clinic business. She put the entire thing together and the two of us spend our days traveling Southern Delaware offering affordable veterinary care.”

Dog owners can obtain State of Delaware dog licenses at Fur-Baby Boutique, Spa, Daycare, & Hotel, Monday through Friday from 10am to 7pm and on Saturdays 10am to 5pm. Licenses can also be acquired by mail and online at pet data.com. For more information about Fur-Baby Boutique, Spa, Daycare & Hotel’s location and expanded services, individuals are encouraged to visit them at their location at 204 NE Front Street, next to Arena’s in downtown Milford,  or online at http://www.fur-babyboutique.com/. They can also be contacted at 302-725-5078 or woof@furbabyboutique.com.

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