Police Recognized, Airport Rd Approved at Council

Chief Brown announced to City Council the retirement of Sgt. Michael McMillan after over 26 years of service.
Chief Brown announced to City Council the retirement of Sgt. Michael McMillan after over 26 years of service.

By Terry Rogers On Monday, September 12, Milford City Council recognized the achievements of several police officers at their regular meeting. Chief Kenneth Brown told council that he wanted to recognize several officers who had gone above and beyond the call of duty during an incident on August 13, 2016.

“On August 13, Corporal Kirk Marino, Sargent Matthew Smith, Corporal Al Sargent and Patrolman Jonathan Ricketts responded to a personal injury accident at Walmart,” Chief Brown said. “One of the injured was a six-year old girl and there were some language barriers between the officers and her parents. The oldest son was there and was able to help us translate for the parents. He remained calm and was a tremendous help to us. The injured girl and her sister were very upset, so the officers retrieved stuffed animals from the trunk of the car to soothe them. Unfortunately, the son as much too old for a stuffed animal so the officer had to tell him they didn’t have anything for him.”

During the incident, the father asked if anyone had a cell phone charger as his phone was dead, Chief Brown said. None of the officers was carrying a charger that would work, so the father was unable to reach family members nor could he access his contacts so the police could contact them. The four officers on the scene each donated cash in order to purchase a gift for the son that was more age-appropriate than a stuffed animal as well as a phone charger for the father.

“The officers wanted the boy to know how helpful he was,” Chief Brown said. “This was something they did not have to do and they were not seeking recognition for what they did. However, I felt that council needed to know the type of officers we have on this force.”

In addition to the recognition of the two promoted officers and the actions of the four during the accident scene, Chief Brown recognized Sargent Michael McMillan who planned to retire at the end of that week after 26 years with the police department.

“After 26 years, I decided it was time to retire and let some of these younger guys have a shot,” Sgt. McMillan said. “It has been a lot of fun watching this city grow. You will not find another department in this state that commits itself 24/7 like this department does. These are the most professional, educated and committed group of individuals I have ever met. They make this town look good. It was time for me to move on and give others a chance.”

In other Council business, a request from Carlisle Fire Company to transfer $60,000 from the Carlisle Enhancement Fund for an additional building was approved. City Manager Eric Norenberg said that the fire company would match the funds transferred for a total of $120,000 for the new building.

A request from Mark Whitfield, Public Works Director, to approve funding to Davis, Bowen and Friedel to begin designing improvements on Airport Road were also approved. Mr. Whitfield said that the City had a goal to complete the project by June 30, 2017. The project will include repaving and redesigning Airport Road. One of the legislators who had contributed funds for the project requested that it be expedited and completed by the end of the fiscal year.

“This means we are in a time crunch,” Mr. Whitfield said. “We need to get the design finished so we can put the project out for bids in January in order for this project to be completed.” Council approved the funds for the design of the project and permitted the City Finance Director, Jeff Porttman, discretion in which funding source to use for the various aspects of the project.

During the meeting, Mr. Norenberg stated that ther will be a public meeting to share information on the Rivertown Rebirth update and Downtown Development District designation on September 29 at 6 PM at City Hall. The public is welcome to attend to learn the progress on the Rivertown Rebirth plan as well as the how the Downtown Development District will benefit residents and businesses in Milford.


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