Hinmon Helps Harvest White House Garden


By Staff Report

After attending the 2016 Student Ambassador Summit in West Lafayette, Indiana as a Delaware State Ambassadors for the national Fuel Up to 60 Program, Ariana Hinmon of Milford Central Academy had the opportunity to visit The White House to celebrate their annual Fall Garden Harvest. First Lady Michelle Obama also made an announcement regarding the future preservation of the garden and unveiled updates that have been made to the White House Kitchen Garden in an effort to make it even more accessible to young students and world leaders alike.

To help her with her final harvest, Mrs. Obama invited children that currently participate in Let’s Move! These programs were launched in collaboration with federal agencies, businesses, and non-profits to mobilize every sector to help kids and families lead healthier lives. Addressing an audience of more than 200 people from various sectors that have championed healthier eating and active living, the First Lady gave remarks next to the White House Kitchen Garden on the South Lawn, which Mrs. Obama planted in 2009 to launch a national conversation around the health and wellbeing of our nation.

“After an era of everything being super-sized, who would have thought that major companies would be racing to market smaller, lower-calorie versions of their snacks and beverages?” Obama said in an interview with National Public Radio. “We take it for granted that we can get apples and skim milk in kids’ meals at fast food places. Today we just assume that we can find healthy options at the drive-thru.”

Ariana Hinmon was invited to The White House as part of the Fuel Up to 60 program that continues to grow at Mispillion Elementary School in Milford. The Fuel Up to 60 Program promotes a healthy lifestyle among children through education that stresses the importance of staying active and proper nutrition. According to Ms. Hinmon, as an ambassador, she acted as a leader and role model who inspired others to become better leaders.

“We help boost one another’s confidence and learn life skills from one another that we can use down the road,” Ms. Hinmon said. “We promote healthy eating, habits, staying in shape, becoming a leader, inspiring others and more. As leaders, we try to get others involved in the program because there are so many things you can learn.” Ms. Hinmon has used Fuel Up to Play 60 to overcome being bullied and has begun helping others with the same challenges. She loves to cook and has a desire to become a chef in the future.

“I loved being an Ambassador and had so much fun working with my peers and our advisors,” Ms. Hinmon said. “My favorite part was knowing that I could help inspire others to make healthy choices, stay active and become great leaders. Knowing that I could help and seeing others smile with excitement was breathtaking. This program is amazing and I recommend it to anyone who wants to have fun, be responsible and learn at the same time.”

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