Safety Patrol Members Sworn In


mmBy Terry Rogers

On Tuesday, October 11, Milford School District held a ceremony to swear in new Safety Patrol members. The Safety Patrol Program is sponsored by AAA and the students sworn in join more than 600,000 students throughout the country who agree to promote safety in their schools.

“After seeing last year’s Safety Patrol, you guys have some big shoes to fill,” Officer Theresa Bloodsworth, School Resource Officer, said. “But I know you are up for the challenge. You will be our eyes and ears in the school, reporting things that are unsafe. We want you to give 100 percent 100 percent of the time. Just as we say in your school, you need to do your B.E.S.T.” Officer Bloodworth told the students that they were joining an elite group that included Vice-President Joe Biden.

Each elementary school’s Safety Patrol was called to the stage where they recited the Safety Patrol oath under the direction of Judge John Adams. Three students, one from each school, received gold badges when they were given their certificate and neon green belt that they will wear at the school. The students who received the badges were named captain of the Safety Patrol at their prospective school, a position that Officer Bloodsworth said would rotate throughout the year.

The Safety Patrol was created by AAA in the 1920s in an effort to promote pedestrian traffic due to the increasing number of vehicles on roadways. The organization has awarded more than 400 Lifesaving Medal awards since 1949 for patrol members whose actions have led to a life being saved. Students have been awarded the medals for preventing accidents at school, reporting bullying incidents and other actions that were determined heroic.

“This is the second year of the Safety Patrol for Milford,” said Susan Benchel of AAA. “You are an elite group of students across the country who are willing to do the right thing and make sure your fellow students are safe. We ask you to report things you think aren’t right, like students making unsafe choices or when you see someone who is being bullied. This program began 96 years ago and we are so proud that it is still going strong. We are also very proud of you for making the decision to make a difference in your schools.”

Dr. Bridget Amory, Director of Elementary Education, applauded the students for taking the initiative to make a difference. She told the students that she had full faith that they would carry out the oath they had just taken and create safer, happier schools in Milford. Dr. Amory pointed out that many students who were members of the Safety Patrol when they were young went on to become adults who made a difference as well.

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