International Food Festival Promotes Diversity


The Riverwalk Park on Walnut Street in Downtown Milford, DE once again took on an international flavor at Downtown Milford Inc.’s Second Annual Milford International Food Festival. Fifteen different vendors sold plates, sandwiches, sides and samples featuring flavors from around the world and reflecting the community diversity that makes Milford a unique place to live, work, shop and play.The cuisines varied from local Delaware tastings to “good ole” American BBQ to authentic ethnic dishes representing such international locales as Mexico, France, Italy, Central America and Greece.

The festival was rescheduled one week later due to weather associated with Hurricane Matthew but that “did not stop people from showing up and eating food,” said event organizer Lang Redden. “The sitting areas always seemed to be full of people enjoying the food and entertainment provided…we could not have asked for better

Food Vendors at the event included Abbott’s Grill & Bald Jason’s Pub, Carl Haber’s Gourmet Hot Dogs, The Cheese Board, the Culinary School at the Food Bank of Delaware (Milford), Dolcé Bakery & Coffee Shop, Espiro’s, Fortunata’s Bakery, Lupe’s Tacos, Petite Sweets, Touch of Italy, Twisted Fruit, Uncle John’s Smokehouse and USS Delaware Restaurant.


International Food Festival 2016

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With over 400 attendees, Redden stated that she has received positive feedback from both vendors and attendees. “We had people of all ages from the retiree to the baby in the stroller at the event and it was a wonderful sight to see,” said Redden. She hopes that in addition to highlighting local cuisines, the festival gave attendees a small taste of downtown Milford and the unique experience it offers.

“[The festival] raised awareness for the local businesses and organizations who
participated.  They made connections with the community and the community
learned more about what Milford and the surrounding area have to offer,” said Redden. “Milford continues to expand and develop but keeping the beautiful downtown active is just as important as growing the outskirts.  We can’t be the best city we can be if we forget about Milford started, downtown by the river.”

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