Burton Running for County Council


igOn Tuesday, November 8, local voters will be deciding which candidate they want to represent their County district in the upcoming general election. The 3rd District of the Sussex County Council represents northeastern Sussex County including parts of Ellendale, Milford, Milton, Lewes and Slaughter Beach. Democrat Leslie Ledogar and Republican I.G. Burton III are on November’s ballot.

I.G. Burton III, 55 years of age, graduated from Milford High School and received a Bachelor of Science from Washington College in Chestertown, MD. He served as Vice President in his family business, I.G. Burton car dealerships, for 30 years. Currently serving as Chairman of the Board of Bayhealth Medical Center, Burton also serves as a member of the Planning & Zoning Commission for Sussex County and Committee on Transportation and is a trustee of the University of Delaware. He lives in Lewes with his wife Jullie.

1. What is your opinion of Delaware’s overall financial health and what can be done to strengthen it?

Delaware’s overall financial health will continue to be a challenge. The State of Delaware, Sussex County, and the towns must develop a joint plan to deal with economic development. Neither the State, the county, nor the towns can do this alone. Only with a common approach can economic development take place in the orderly, dynamic way needed if we are to stabilize and improve our financial health.

2. Do you believe Delaware’s economy is getting better, worse or stagnant and what can legislators do to help build a strong economy?

Delaware’s business climate is stagnant. We need to be welcoming and alert to opportunity. Where should business go? Where the roads and infrastructure and population to support new or expanded business? What are the rules? Are the requirements and processes predictable? What is the zoning, etc.? We must be ready for commercial development but we also must be sure it goes where it is welcomed and supported.

3. What current challenges are present with Delaware’s infrastructure and roadways and how can these challenges be met? What role will you play?

Roads are a State responsibility. Other infrastructure: water, sewer, zoning, permits, etc. are the County’s or the town’s. These agencies must work to develop a common plan so that when opportunity arises all are ready.

4. As Sussex County continues to grow, how will you balance economic development and quality of life? What are your thoughts on the need to protect agricultural lands?

The question of balancing economic growth and quality of life is one in the same. When we have economic growth we have a better quality of life, when we have a good quality of life we will have a good economy. Therefor defining the two is really the question. Quality of life is up to the individual. A good economy is the outcome produced by those individuals while enjoying a good quality of life. Therefore we must recognize what is needed in the form of support and encourage entrepreneurship to provide it.

The question of the need to protect agricultural lands is a must. We must look into how we can put back the ag-land preservation legislation. Additionally we must find a way to encourage our younger farmers or new farmers to choose farming as a career.

5. What are some of your ideas of promoting tourism throughout Sussex Country outside of the beach resort areas?

Tourism away from the beach is occurring now more than ever. Our job is to promote it. We have so much to offer away from the beach but few take advantage of it. Lets promote it, lets grow it, and lets enjoy it.

6. If voted into office, how will you communicate with constituents and ensure public transparency during your term?

All our meetings are open and the public is welcome. Our reports are on line. Please take an interest. I welcome it.

7. Why should residents vote for you on Tuesday, November 8?

We are at a crossroads in the County. A new plan and experienced leadership are essential. We are growing but we want the growth to be where we want it, to be the kind of growth that is good for us all. I pledge to do all that I can to see that a new plan to manage our growth is developed, implemented and followed.

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