Postles Running for 33rd State Rep Seat


cOn Tuesday, November 8, local voters will be deciding which candidate they want to represent the 33rd State House of Representative seat in the upcoming general election. The 33rd District represents Kent County including parts of Frederica, Houston, Magnolia and Milford. Democrat Karen Williams and Republican Charles Postles are on November’s ballot.

The Postles are the former owners of The Tailor Shop located in Milford. In addition to farming, Charlie has worked as a field manager and supervisor for Draper King Cole, as well as a loan officer for Farm Credit. Currently, he is a Director of Kent County Farm Bureau. Charlie was Chairman of the 33rd Republican District (2011-2014), President of the Milford Board of Education (1997-1998) and member of the Milford Board of Education (1994-2003). He is a member of Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford, an ordained elder of the Heritage Presbytery and member of New Covenant Presbyterian Church.

Charles Postles was born and raised in Milford. He has been married to his wife Janet for 44 years. They have three children and three grandchildren. A graduate from the University of Delaware with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture, Postles has been a crop and poultry farmer for 40 years.

1. What is your opinion of Delaware’s overall financial health and what can be done to strengthen it?

The Delaware economy is anemic. We have already heard about a 40-million-dollar shortfall in projected state income for next year. To be sure, the ruling party is planning tax increases to cover this shortfall. An increase in gas taxes and the addition of a mileage tax are but two examples already mentioned. Increased taxes and more fees diminish job opportunities, which in turn directly affect the financial health of our state.

2. Do you believe Delaware’s economy is getting better, worse or stagnant and what can legislators do to help build a strong economy?

I believe Delaware’s economy is stagnant. As a fiscal conservative, I believe a better plan is to grow private enterprises, encourage business growth, and expand job opportunities. We need to reduce regulatory red tape, encourage right to work rules, and lower energy costs. A growing economy yields additional revenues without increasing taxes or adding fees.

3. What current challenges are present with Delaware’s infrastructure and roadways and how can these challenges be met? What role will you play?

Although there have been recent attempts to improve the overall infrastructure within the 33rd district, there is still work that needs to be done. With the ongoing projects in Little Heaven, South Frederica, and the nearly complete Thompsonville exchange, the Woodshaven exchange is long overdue. Further streamlining of Route 113 traffic through Milford should also become a priority, as this continues to be a burden to residents in the greater Milford area. Secure investment in the Transportation Trust Fund needs to continue in order to have adequate funds for future maintenance and improvement in Delaware’s infrastructure.

4. With many public school districts struggling to meet operating expenses and overcrowding, what are your ideas to meet these challenges?

Mandated, but not fully funded tests and programs from the state and federal government are putting added stress on individual school districts. In order to reduce this financial burden, these additional mandates need to be reduced or eliminated. Additionally, the state Department of Education bureaucracy needs to be substantially reduced, thus allowing funding to be returned to the classroom where actual learning is occurring.

New school building structures need to be more standardized so as to reduce architect and design costs. Because of long lead times for approval and construction of new school buildings, the state needs allow districts to build new schools that will address anticipated population growth. This will better ensure that when buildings are finally completed they are not already overcrowded.

5. As health care costs continue to rise, what can be done to ensure that families can afford quality coverage?

Obamacare needs to be repealed. More insurance providers should be encouraged and allowed to participate in the Delaware market place. Tort reform is necessary to reduce frivolous lawsuits, to prevent medical practioners from over ordering tests and procedures simply to protect themselves.

6. If voted into office, how will you communicate with constituents and ensure public transparency during your term?

I plan to have periodic “coffees” in various communities to encourage dialog with constituents and ensure public transparency.

7. Why should residents vote for you on Tuesday, November 8?

I believe I am the best qualified candidate for the 33rd District Representative because I possess the abilities and the experiences to give this district the leadership it needs. I have the strong leadership skills and discipline necessary to change the current tax and spend culture in the state of Delaware. I possess the strong principles needed to pursue difficult solutions to the tough issues facing our district and the state of Delaware. My time as a small business owner for the past 40 years has given me the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to provide leadership and advocate for the 33rd district while in Dover. Our district deserves to have representation and to have our voices heard in Dover.

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