Wilson Running for 35th State Rep Seat


wilsondOn Tuesday, November 8, local voters will be deciding which candidate they want to represent the 35th State House of Representative seat in the upcoming general election. The 35th District represents Sussex County including parts of Milford, Greenwood, Bridgeville and Georgetown. Democrat Gary Wolfe is challenging incumbent Representative David Wilson.

Dave Wilson is native of Sussex County. He attended Milford High School and became an auctioneer in 1966. With his wife, Wilson opened the auction facility Wilson’s Auction Sales, Inc. in Lincoln in 1975. He has previously served as the Sussex County Register of Chancery and the Sussex County Register of Wills. Wilson has served the constituents of the 35th District as a State Representative since 2008. He has been married to his wife Carolyn for 46years.

1. What is your opinion of Delaware’s overall financial health and what can be done to
strengthen it ?

I have grave concerns over the financial health of our state. Preliminary discussions indicate there may be as much as a $300 million shortfall in DEFAC numbers this coming fiscal year! I continue to be a voice for reducing the size and scope of government, controlling spending and halting the view that the taxpayer is an endless piggy bank for government to tap whenever they need money.

2. Do you believe Delaware’s economy is getting better, worse or stagnant and what can
legislators do to help build a strong economy?

I believe economy is like a swimmer in the ocean. Even if we tread water, we lose ground. We are not growing in Delaware. Businesses are not giving us a second look. Jobs go elsewhere. There is currently no incentive to locate in Delaware. I again say we must reduce regulation, reduce the size and scope of government, trim taxes and fees and work with businesses to entice them to locate to Delaware.

3. What current challenges are present with Delaware’s infrastructure and roadways and how
can these challenges be met? What role will you play?

Our roadways are a mess. Our bridges are in disrepair. For the past eight years the focus has been on bike trails and walking paths. These things are part of a more livable Delaware. While these things are important they don’t address daily transportation needs. We must prioritize our infrastructure repairs and return to the days of using the Transportation Trust Fund to pay for infrastructure repairs – rather than using it as a slush fund to balance the administration’s budget.

4. With many public school districts struggling to meet operating expenses and overcrowding, what are your ideas to meet these challenges?

Schools must be free to try innovative ways to generate funding. We must also reduce the regulatory controls the State places on local schools. I am a strong proponent of local control and governance in schools. Reduce the interference of State and Federal educational systems. Don’t take the “one time money” from the feds and then commit a district to pay for the programs the next year. Reduce administration, increase teachers in the classroom.

5. As health care costs continue to rise, what can be done to ensure that families can afford quality coverage ?

Health care is an issue that no one really wants to touch. We must find a way to balance the private needs of for-profit providers with the needs of all Delawareans to have affordable health care. We must have an Insurance Commissioner who will hold these companies responsible – rather than giving 30% rate increases as the commissioner is out the door. Delaware is a large entity for insurance companies and we must negotiate accordingly with the insurers to provide better coverage at lower prices.

6. If voted into office, how will you communicate with constituents and ensure public transparency during your term?

I have made communication and transparency my hallmark since first entering public life. I use newsletters, coffees, meetings, facebook, calls and the like to pass along information. I am proud of my accessibility. I am an open book. What you see is what you get. We may not always agree, but at least you know my basis for my decisions. We can disagree but not be disagreeable.

7. Why should residents vote for you on Tuesday, November 8?

Look at my record. I have a long history of public service. The constituent service the residents of the 35th District receive is second to none. I’m not one who measures my effectiveness on the number of bills I introduce or pass. Just the opposite – we don’t need more legislation. My goal is to is to defend the interests of my constituents and my state and help people who need assistance. Period.


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