November’s Senior Spotlight: Kieran Pheasant


screen-shot-2016-11-08-at-7-57-13-amBy Patrick Helmick

Kieran Pheasant is a highly engaged multi-talented young lady. Pheasant is involved in the Drama Club, she volunteers for various school events and she also works part-time. On top of all of these obligations, Kieran is an honor role student with two Advanced Placement classes. Due to Kieran’s talent in drama, she scored the lead role in the Milford Senior High School upcoming play titled, the Secret Garden. The showings for the play are on November 17th at 7pm and 19th at 1 and 7pm. The role Pheasant will be playing is the main character named Mary Lennox.

Pheasant’s primary focus at Milford Senior High School is to be college ready next year by taking the necessary courses at school and being involved in the right activities to help her get there. Pheasant said, “My favorite quote is by Arin Hanson, ‘You’ve got to make a statement, you’ve got to look inside yourself and say what am I willing to put up with today?’” A statement is certainly what Pheasant is making because her hard work and dedication to Milford Senior High School and her education.

Kieran Pheasant has also played a pivotal role in bringing back a much loved news source at Milford Senior High School, which is known as ‘Buc Vision.’ This once a week news broadcast is used to update all students at MHS on past and upcoming school events. Pheasant is a technology journalist for Buc Vision and is one of the four seniors who edit for Buc Vision. This program coincides with Pheasant’s pathway which is Communication Technology.

When asked about her favorite Teacher or Coach at the high school, Pheasant’s favorite teacher at MHS is Mike Streck the Communication Technology teacher. “Mr. Streck shows me I can accomplish a lot when I put my mind to it.” The feeling between teacher and pupil is mutual. Mr Streck says, “Kieran is an awesome student. She is dedicated and a pleasure to work with. Nothing I say about her would be negative, she is a wonderful student.”

Looking forward in her senior year, Kieran is hoping to go to college and pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Animation and have her impact in the art field. She is currently in the process of narrowing down what art schools she wants to apply to. We all wish Kieran Pheasant much success in her senior year and look forward to the play on November 17th and 19th.

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