What the BLEEP Am I Going to Get Them?


amyBy Amy Reed, Eagle in the Morning w/ Petch & Amy

It’s the season of giving and if you’re like me, you have someone in your life who is extremely difficult to buy for, to even find that present that will coming close to “wowing” them. I have multiple people like that and every Christmas I rack my brain trying to come up with something more creative than a gift card to their favorite restaurant or store, but all I can think is “Why is this so hard?!”

I’m not a “stuff” person, meaning I tend to buy things out of necessity rather than want. Don’t get me wrong, do I want every pair of shoes and a closet jam packed with clothes? Sure, it would be nice, but am I going to WANT to shop for it and then pack all of it up whenever I decide to move, which seems to happy frequently, nope. Not happening. It’s why I have one decoration for each holiday, easy storage and easy packing. Anyway, back on track. Gift giving for a difficult person.

Since I’m not a “stuff” person, my mind set is to give people something they need. But chances are, if they need it they’ve already bought it for themselves. So how to get someone something they want. One idea for a person who is impossible to buy for is monthly subscriptions. There are a ton of subscription boxes available and most are pretty reasonably priced. It’s a great way to give that hard-to-buy-for person in your life something they like, something they want, and hopefully something they need without spending a ton of money. You also get the added perk of it being delivered each month, a friendly reminder to the recipient that you’re an awesome gift giver.

Another idea, and one I try to exercise in my own life as well, is giving the gift of an experience. Have they talked about how they always wanted to go see a specific band? Tickets to a show, hotel, and dinner is an excellent gift, and can be done without blowing a ton of dough if you take the time to plan. This is the same for sporting events, give tickets and fan gear in a box. But it doesn’t just stop there, has your person talked about how they’ve always wanted to go somewhere? Do a little research. Look up best time for cheapest flights, how much hotels would cost, a few excursions while you’re there, and plan without booking it. You can give it to them, all planned out, and decide on the date to go together.

There are a couple of my gift ideas for that hard to buy for person in your life. But, in my opinion, the best gift is quality time. Get the gift card to their favorite restaurant and take them. Bring their favorite bottle of wine, or make their favorite dessert for you to enjoy afterwards, together. In our world of “I’m so busy” enjoying some down time with that person is a better gift than anything you can buy. What are your unique go to gift ideas? You can tweet @theamymcr.

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