Talent Enrichment and Acceleration in Milford


The Milford School District has a new program called Talent Enrichment and Acceleration in Milford, otherwise known as T.E.A.M. Dr. Amanda Gaglione, teacher of the program, gave the T.E.A.M. students a list of medieval topics to choose from to develop class projects and presentations. After much hard work at both school and home, the T.E.A.M. students presented their projects on December 21 in the Mispillion Cafeteria. The project was a great opportunity for T.E.A.M. students because most of the students did not know about the history of the Middle Ages and this was also a great opportunity to work on presentation skills.

The T.E.A.M. students were given a list of topics from the Middle Ages in school to choose what their presentation will be about, such as arts, wars and technology, culture and people, places, legends, and knights and chivalry. Dr. Gaglione then gave all of the T.E.A.M. students a list of websites to start gathering information from and then they were then allowed to go to go research with computers. Students took the information that they found and started to develop how they were going to construct their projects and talk about their work. Then the students then sat down with a variety of materials to build their projects out of, such as egg cartons, cardboard, plastic bins, and what they could find at home.



T.E.A.M. students took their partially completed projects home over the weekend before the Medieval Fair for some extra time to add finishing touches. This could include adding color, more information, reinforcing construction, adding support, and a PowerPoint presentation if they wanted to. On the day of the presentation, students transported their projects back to school to share with T.E.A.M. classmates.

The students first presented their projects to their fellow T.E.A.M. members in class. The following evening, students from all three elementary schools gathered at the Mispillion Cafeteria for the Medieval Fair. Each school set up in a different spot in the cafeteria and took turns sharing their projects to whoever came out that evening.

In conclusion, students from T.E.A.M. had a great time while learning more about research techniques, project construction, the history of the middle ages, and creativity.

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