New Year, New You


Amy Reed, Eagle in the Morning w/ Petch & Amy

It takes 21 days to build a habit so if you’ve made it this far into your New Year Resolution, congratulations, it’s now officially a little easier. Every year, we all say the same thing: This will be the year I will… fill in the blank with whatever you choose. Then something happens, life gets in the way, we simply forget. And then we beat ourselves up about it, either immediately or down the road. How many times have we thought if only I stuck with it I would be so much more ahead of the game right now. I am the queen of excuses, and I will busy myself with a million little things before the big thing gets done, I’m looking at you 2017 budget, but let’s talk success stories and how to be one.

Holding yourself accountable is half the battle, or a majority of the time, it’s the entire battle. And we could all use a little help with accountability. I stumbled across something to help with that, plus give you an overall push in the right direction. A Facebook friend shared a post with a picture of her “Year Compass”, It’s a free booklet that you can download and electronically edit, or print and put your pen to the paper. Here’s what’s great about this book: it doesn’t just focus on moving forward with one new goal or resolution in mind. It takes a look at the past, present, and future. Sometimes we have to be willing to acknowledge the ups and downs that got us to where we are right now in order to move on.

The first half of this project causes you to look at the past year and come to terms with how it went. How it really went. What you’re willing to firmly take a hold of, and what you’re willing to let go. And it’s pretty eye opening in case you forgot what made you happy over the course of the last year, and because of that, you can adjust your goals accordingly.

The second half focuses on the year moving forward by forcing you to plan ahead in each major category in your life: personal, professional, spiritual, finances, etc. What really has been helpful is determining a daily goal. Small goals lead to big goals, and a lot of the time small goals are overlooked, but they will help keep you motivated.

If you need a different way to hold yourself accountable or could use a tool to help you refocus on those days or weeks you struggle, try this out. It will never hurt to get to know yourself a little better. Let me know what you think of it. Tweet @petchandamy, or check me out on Instagram @amymcr.

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