Police Recognized at Council Meeting


By Terry Rogers

On Monday, January 9, 2017, Milford Police officers were recognized by Chief Kenneth Brown and City Council for going above and beyond their regular duty in two separate incidents over the past few months. In one incident, a civilian was also recognized for his efforts in deterring a burglary.

On December 23, 2016, Sergeant Timothy Lord, Private First Class John Collins and Patrolmen Sean Hudson and Tel Clayton responded to an apartment complex in Milford where two individuals were suffering from heroin overdoses. Chief Brown said that through a grant from the State of Delaware, officers have been issued Narcan, which is the drug naloxone, an antidote used in opiate addiction.

According to drug experts, when someone overdoses on opioids like heroin, their breathing slows down or stops. Because of the drug, it can be difficult for emergency officials to start the person’s breathing again. Narcan is a prescription medication that blocks the effects of the opioid and reverses the overdose. If it is administered to someone who has not taken opioids, the drug has no effect.

“Officers have been trained on how to administer Narcan to a patient who has suffered an opioid drug overdose,” Chief Brown said. “When the officers arrived, the subject was in distress and the officers were able to administer the Narcan, saving his life. The second individual began responding before the drug had to be administered, but it was the quick action of these four officers that saved the lives of these two individuals.” Each officer received a certificate of recognition signed by Mayor Bryan Shupe for their efforts in saving the two citizens.



In a separate incident, on January 2, 2017, Joshua Dickson, a Milford citizen, was across the street from the Milford Diner when he heard glass breaking. He looked across the road to see an individual attempting to crawl in a broken window at the restaurant and called police. A K-9 officer as well as four Milford Police Officers were dispatched to the scene. The K-9 officer chased the robbery suspect out of the restaurant where he was tackled by Patrolman First Class John Collins.

“It was Mr. Dickson’s quick action that enabled our officers to arrest this suspect,” Chief Brown said. “The four officers were able to get to the location quickly and apprehend the suspect with no further incident.” In addition to PFC Collins, Sgt. Lord as well as Patrolmen Sean Hudson and Tel Clayton assisted in the arrest, also receiving certificates.

After the presentation, Councilman Jamie Burk commended the Milford Police Department on their efforts in the community.

“I just want to take the time to thank them for all they do in Milford,” Councilman Burk said. “They do more than keep our citizens safe. They are constantly performing services in our town that many people may not know they do, like coat drives, giving school programs and more. In today’s times, it is heartwarming to see a police force that is so in touch with their community and who go above and beyond to help whenever they can.”


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