Milford Museum Seeking Volunteer Docents


By Terry Rogers

Milford Museum is in search of volunteers to act as docents for special events and tours at the museum. Docents are volunteer tour guides who help visitors understand some of the exhibits in the museum, providing them more insight into the history displayed.

“One of the things that our docents enjoy is learning more about Milford history themselves,” Claudia Leister, Executive Director of the museum, said. “When we provide training, we give them information about what is displayed and they often learn things about Milford they didn’t know. When they conduct tours, they are able to relay that information to visitors.”

In an effort to grow the volunteer docent team, the museum will hold a training. The training will include instructions on how to conduct tours at the museum, a thorough explanation of the exhibits and interesting facts about Milford history. The training is free, but those interested must RSVP.

“Milford has a fascinating history,” Ms. Leister said. “I cannot tell you how many people stop in and say ‘Oh, I didn’t know that!’ Being a docent is a great way to not only learn more about Milford but also to share what you know about the town with others. Everyone has their own stories and memories, so it is a great way to share that information.”

Docents are used for special events, such as the Bug and Bud Festival or Riverwalk Freedom Festival to cover the museum during regular hours or to provide information at the museum booth at the festival. They may also be asked to help with school tours or other large group visits to the museum. Currently, docents are used on an as-needed basis, although there may be opportunities for a volunteer to cover the museum on a regular basis if they wish.

Teens and young adults with an interest in history are welcome to attend the training and as volunteers for special events.

“Because many events occur on weekends, it would be perfect for a teen who is interested in history,” Ms. Leister said. “There are many school groups that visit the museum, so there is also opportunity for volunteer hours during the week as well. We will try to accommodate any schedule.”

Anyone interested in volunteering as a docent who plans to attend the training should contact the museum at 302-424-1080. If you cannot make the training, please contact Ms. Leister to see if alternative arrangements can be worked out.