The Big Blockbusters of Summer 2017


Guest Writer, Petch, Eagle 977 in the Morning

As you may or may not know, I am a big movie fan and the run up to Summer really excites me as I know the blockbuster movie season isn’t too far away. This year it seems to be starting early with the first coming in the next couple of weeks, Here are some that I am pumped to see:

Logan – March 3

Hugh Jackman has played Wolverine for so long that it’s nearly impossible to imagine anyone else in the role. The film’s plot draws from Marvel’s Old Man Logan comic, about an alternate-future version of the (nearly) ageless hero. The film will also feature the return of Patrick Stewart’s Professor X, adding yet another layer of closure for longtime fans of the franchise.

Kong: Skull Island – March 10

There have been many attempts to expand or remake the story of King Kong but none have managed to come anywhere near the classic original. But the big guy returns with Kong: Skull Island. It’s set in the ’70s & gives viewers the biggest version of the character they’ve ever seen which is a good thing for Kong.

Rumor has it they are planning to pit him against Godzilla in a monster mashup next if this reboot is successful.

Power Rangers – March 24

Go Go Power Rangers! Whether or not you’ve ever had a preference for the red, yellow, pink, blue, black, those ninja steel-wielding high schoolers were loads of fun to watch back in the day. The forthcoming Power Rangers isn’t the first movie to capitalize on the mighty Morphin ’90s craze. However this reboot takes the story on a much more serious and emotionally charged account of how these misfit teens managed to become a band of unlikely world saviors battling back the forces of evil. And if the film does manage to renew even a smidgen of the Power Rangers frenzy that the series enjoyed back in the day then this reboot is going to be massive.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – May 5

Last but not least, The first movie took Nearly $775 million in box office receipts, So the big question is can Guardians of the Galaxy 2 be just as big? All the gang are back for Vol. 2, There are not a bunch of details regarding what they’ll be up to this time around, But I am confident it’ll be tons of fun and well worth going to see. So over all not a bad start to 2017 if like me you love those big blockbuster movies.

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