Something So Simple Can Change the World


By Guest Writer Paula Sangeleer, middays Cool 101.3

This past weekends warm temps sent me and my husband fleeing for the coast. You see my husband has a thing for fish tacos and compares each one he has to one he got on our honeymoon in Vegas some years ago. My friend Bob, the Rehoboth Foodie, told us that locally it’s El Dorado on Rt 24 for the best fish tacos around. We decided to give it a try.

When you go to a restaurant that’s new to you, you just don’t know what to expect, and that’s part of the fun. So we walk in to El Dorado, greeted with smiles, and the most amazing personality from who I assume to be the owner, who else could have such joy about their place and customers. He immediately tuned into our personalities and humor. He made recommendations, was curious where we were from, this guy truly cared that we were there for some fish tacos.

In addition to the place being impeccably clean, there was a surfer style and beautiful Mexican culture style blended in. Have I mentioned that the food was truly amazing? Super fresh, affordable priced, and left us wanting more. Just our kinda place.

Now I tell you about this so you know where to get amazing tacos, they have all kinds too, not just fish. The main reason I feel the need to talk about El Dorado though is the service, that guy, with the amazing personalty. Anyone who has a business or works in service of any kind should visit this guy and take notes as to how any customer, visitor, patient, or listener should be treated. Of course we should always treat each other with kindness, or at the very least try not to be a jerk. However if someone is giving us their hard earned dollars, or time, they should be treated as if they are the most important person in that moment, they should be given a warm memorable experience, some smiles that carry through their day and get passed around.

The rest of our day was fantastic, no doubt because the tone was set with that amazing lunch experience. Imagine if there were always smiles, polite curiosity, bright art, fresh foods and kindness. What would our world be like? If you are saying “well where do I find all THAT?”, start at El Dorado, and if you can’t make it there, create those things yourself, and watch it spread. Oh, my husband said the tacos were way better than the one he had in Vegas.

Where have you found kindness?

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