Student Saves Classmate from Choking


By Terry Rogers

Sabrina Kadow says that it was the end of the school day when someone handed her a Lifesaver which she popped into her mouth. She and the rest of her 5th grade class, including her friend, Kylie Moorman, were walking downstairs at the time.

“I had the Lifesaver in my mouth and someone made Kylie laugh,” Sabrina said. “When Kylie laughed, it made me laugh and the Lifesaver slipped down my throat. I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t talk. It was very scary.”

Students around her thought she was going to get sick, unaware that Sabrina could not breathe. There was a substitute leading the class that day who also was unaware that Sabrina was choking, thinking the girl was going to get sick. She told Sabrina to “run to the trash can,” which Sabrina did, but the Lifesaver would not become dislodged.

“Suddenly, I felt my backpack being pulled off my shoulders and someone’s arms go around me,” Sabrina said. “There was a big push and then the Lifesaver popped out of my throat. At first I didn’t know what had happened and I asked ‘who did that?’ Kylie just said ‘Oh, it was me.” Sabrina was immediately taken to the nurse where she was checked over and told she was fine, just scared and shaken up.

Kylie said that she learned the Heimlich Maneuver, which she used on Sabrina, from her dad. She is also a member of the Banneker Safety Patrol. The Safety Patrol helps to keep the school safe by watching out for other students. Each student wears a sash and a badge all day so that other students know they can come to them for help. However, Kylie did not consider what she did as a requirement for the Safety Patrol. She was just doing what her dad taught  her to do.

“My dad had to do the Heimlich on my mom when she was pregnant with my sister,” Kylie said. “He taught us how to do it in case we ever saw anyone choking. I didn’t think. I just knew that Sabrina needed help, so I helped her.”

After being checked by the nurse, Sabrina told Kylie’s mother, Laurie Moorman, who works at Banneker Elementary, that her daughter saved her life. She said that because she could not speak, she could not let anyone know that she was choking and that everyone thought she was just going to throw up.

“I tried to cough or do anything to move the Lifesaver, but it wasn’t budging,” Sabrina said. “I am so glad that Kylie learned what to do.”

Kylie was recognized on Monday, February 13 by Milford Police Department and City Council for her heroics and received a Certificate of Appreciation signed by the Police Chief and Mayor.

Corporal Theresa Bloodsworth who is the School Resource Officer for Banneker, said that Kylie had no idea that what she did for Sabrina was heroic and that she simply wanted to help her friend. “What you did was very important,” said Chief Kenneth Brown. “You may have helped another student see what they could do in an emergency situation.” 


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