Students Plan Colony for Exploration


Staff Report

Elementary students in the T.E.A.M. program were given the opportunity for a presentation from the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation earlier this month. The hands-on lesson/presentation is a free, award-wining lesson titled “Starting a Colony.” It is designed to make economic concepts relatable to elementary and middle school students.  Students learn teamwork and decision-making skills as groups load their own Kalmar Nyckel for a trans-Atlantic journey.

Currently in T.E.A.M. students have to relate what they learned about the past to their team’s mission of the future; the classes are creating missions to different areas of space. Applying their learning to real-world situations will be explored a lot over the year, as it is one of the most challenging high order thinking skills, but one of the most needed.

Javier Cooper, 4th grader from Mispillion, says, “I learned about the sails and that the boat could only travel by wind. I also related it to what we are doing because I could think about what I would need to take into space and what they took on their journey. Is there enough space? What do I need? Will what I want to take fit? The program was fun!”

Sadie Biro, Mispillion 4th grader, “When you travel you have to have a lot of food, water and people to help you with the boat.  When you trade, you have to trade a lot in order to make a profit, which is what they were doing. We have to learn a lot about our space trips so we can do what we need to which is send a rover to Mercury.”



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