Preview of School Board Candidates


Milford will see six candidates running for two positions on the Milford School Board in the upcoming election, to be held on Tuesday, May 9, 2017. Judith C. Purcell is the lone candidate for the Area D seat which will serve for five years. The At Large seat, which serves for five years as well, will see five candidates running including Ronald T. Evans, Michael Firch, Jason M. Miller, Michael D McKain and Michael Wells. Below is a preview of the candidates as MilfordLIVE prepares our full interview sessions in the following weeks. Please submit your questions for consideration to

Why are you running for Milford School Board ?

Ron Evans

I am running for the Milford School Board At-Large Seat for several reasons. I feel my personal experiences as a parent to multiple children in the Milford School District and being the spouse of a teacher in the Milford School District will allow me to provide support to teachers and staff in the District and ensure that all students in the District are afforded the opportunity to become successful through a strong education. My business skills as a Bank Executive will allow me to understand District finances to make educated decisions to position the Milford School District for ongoing success while providing transparency and honesty to the Community.

Michael Firch

As a member of the Milford community and the state of Delaware for the past 25 years, I have had the great fortune to have served in many roles as an educator in five different school districts and as a volunteer with several different service organizations. I have been inspired by the members of our community and our state, including students, their families, service organization leaders, political leaders, and my friends to give back to those same communities and our state which have provided me with so many wonderful opportunities in my life. I am running for the Milford School Board because I want to serve in a capacity to support and promote the dreams and aspirations of the students and families of the Milford School District. I see this as an opportunity for me to give back to a community that has provided me and my family with evidence that your dreams and aspirations in life can and do come true.

Michael McKain

I am running for the Milford School Board because I love the Milford community and School District; it brought my parents to Delaware and supported my family for the 33 years my dad taught science at the high school, and now it is where my children receive their education.  In many ways, the Milford School District represents my past, present, and future.  I look forward to giving back to the district that has done so much for my family, and believe that my background in education along with my willingness to listen to diverse stakeholders in order to tackle the challenges that we face make me a strong candidate for this position. 

Jason Miller

Education of a communities children is essential for the success of that community. As a lifelong Milfordian and graduate of the Milford School District (K-12), I feel obligated to serve and support my community.  In addition, I have a child in the Milford School District and I desire to have a more direct impact on her education.  As a member of the school board, I believe I can facilitate in the quality of education of all Milford students and give back to my hometown.

Judy Purcell

I have often considered running for school board but this year it seemed the appropriate time. I am a retired teacher from Milford School District after 30 years. I have put three children through the district system and presently have a grandchild at Morris. Finally I have been an active member of the Milford Community through my church activities, Lions Club and Delta Kappa Gamma International Society which is an organization of key women educators. It is in the spirit of giving that I step forth in service to students, teachers and this community. Education is the greatest resource we have in forming our citizens of tomorrow and I want to be a lead agent in providing our students with that quality education. I can think of no better way to continue that service than by representing students, teachers and our community on the Milford School Board.

Michael Wells

To help our schools be more community focused while being fiscally responsible and making the education be about the students and their future, not just statistics for data and state test scores.






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