Murray Chosen as Milford B&G Youth of Year


The Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club (B&G) has chosen Brion Murray as their 2017 Youth of the Year (YOY), to compete against nine other young leaders from Boys & Girls Clubs across the state of Delaware. The winner will compete for the title of National Youth of the Year at the regional level in Washington D.C.

A senior at Milford High School, Murray is known by many for his athletic ability on the field and hardwood, as a leader of both Milford’s football and basketball teams. For Murray learning about life “all began on the court as I learned that playing basketball had to be earned and it was not something just given to you,” he said. “I learned to be responsible, hold myself accountable and to be focused on what I wanted.”

Through the leadership at the Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club, Murray began to draw parallels between the lessons he learned on the court and lessons in the classroom. He credits Director Tod Van Eyken and Youth of the Year Mentor Marla Smith for helping him to understand that his goals of playing ball at the collegiate level must begin in academia. Murray began going to The Club on Friday night’s during their teen program to play basketball with friends. B&G staff and teachers from the Milford High School recognized his potential and partnered to develop a plan to help Murray with his grades.

“I did not have the ability to go online at home or access to the books I needed so completing work was difficult for me,” said Murray. “Boys & Girls supplied me with resources I needed daily and called my teachers to make sure that I was accountable for the work I was supposed to do.”

In addition to the challenge of accessing information from home, Murray states that focusing on school and achieving success has been difficult for him, growing up without a father in his life. He is grateful for the strength his mother has shown him over the years as she continues to work twelve-hour shifts in order to support the family.

“[My mother] keeps me working hard,” said Murray. “ I want her to know I am thankful that she has provided for me and my sister through the struggle.”

Murray is now employed by the Greater Milford Boys & Girls Club and helps younger children find their passion. He continues to work on his studies and his opportunities for scholarships as he prepares for college. Murray wants to become a meteorologist and follow storms for scientific research. “I like seeing how tornadoes and tsunamis form and the effects they have in the atmosphere.”

Helping to mentors kids in The Club and at the Milford Central Academy, Murray wants students to learn how to enjoy their time in high school. “It goes by fast, take advantage of everything,” he said. “You have a great opportunity to learn, and be around friends and family everyday; cherish it.”

In April, Murray will compete with other YOYs from across the state of Delaware to be named the Delaware State Youth of the Year. That winner will compete for the title of National Youth of the Year at the regional level in Washington D.C.

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