April Fools Birthday is a Joke


By Steve Monz – Afternoons on Cool 101.3

Is having a birthday on a holiday a good thing or a band thing. It’s a great question. Your first response is, that must be so cool having your birthday on Christmas. Then the response is, well, I do not get twice as many presents. Now that is true. If it falls on a gift giving holiday you do get shortchanged. But think about the other possibilities.

Fourth of July would have to be the best. You would get fireworks on your birthday every year! And it is an automatic day off. As I write this I would have to think that there would be no better day to share a birthday with. Possibly New Year’s Eve? A close second. You get to stay up until midnight partying. And then you count down until it is over. Wait, so maybe New Year’s Day is the better day to share a birthday. You stay up late partying and the whole world counts down to YOUR birthday. That’s not bad.

The reason I bring this up is that my birthday falls on a holiday. And it has put tremendous pressure on me every year. But before I get to that, how about Halloween? Probably third on my list. Again, it’s like a party but you even get to get dressed up! How cool is that? And candy…free candy. Definitely in the top 5 holidays to share a birthday with. Bottom five? That’s easy. President’s Day? Booooring. Veteran’s Day? Hard to really cheer and party on a day we remember those who sacrificed for our freedom. Same goes for Memorial Day. Even though we fire up the BBQ and party anyway. Other bottom five candidates? Election Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day.

You could make a case for St. Patty’s Day even if you aren’t Irish. If you are, then BONUS! Easter, sure okay… Labor Day…yeah it’s a party but it is the end of summer bummer. The only other possibility would be Thanksgiving. It is a huge family party day and there’s football. And tons of food… and booze. And the day off. Looking better and better.
As I mentioned earlier, my birthday falls on a holiday that I have not mentioned yet. It’s not really holiday. As a matter of fact, it’s kind of a goof. It’s April Fool’s Day. Now, people who know me will tell me that it is totally appropriate for me. And I have heard them all…”Ha Ha.. the joke is on your Mom..” “Only Fools are born on April Fool’s Day”. And honestly, there is a way too much pressure. Everyone expects you to be the kind of April Fool’s pranks. They expect me to do something bigger each year. I try to accommodate because frankly, it’s my day. I gotta own it. I usually fall back on a fake injury. Broken bone, lots of gauze. The shock value works until someone blurts out.. “It’s April Fools Day.” One day I will pull off the ultimate April Fool’s Day prank. The day my Mom reveals that I never was really born on April 1st. Now THAT would blow everyone away. Including me.

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