Cruising for the First Time

  1. By Susan Monday, Delaware 1059 and 1017 FM and 1150 AM WDEL

Have you ever considered going on a cruise? And how about with one of your favorite radio station personalities?
On the eve of my second cruise with Delaware 1059 listeners, I am packing up the Dramamine, bathing suits, and flip-flops to get ready for another adventure filled with good conversation, excellent food, lots of activities, and, oh, yes, cocktails!

I have traveled a lot through the years: Australia, Ireland, Germany, and the National Parks in the United States. As much as I like the water, I had never been on a cruise until I was asked in 2013 to represent Delaware 1059 on a trip to the Caribbean.

My mom used to go on cruises all the time with her friends, and I remember her telling me tales of stormy seas and sick passengers. Her stories brought to mind the time I took a day trip on a boat to Catalina Island off the coast of California, where the return voyage was rough, and I can still remember how seasick I got. So, you might understand why I was a little reluctant when I was asked to accompany some of my listeners on a station-sponsored cruise.

I was pleasantly surprised, though, by how much I enjoyed my first cruising experience. Yes, there was a day of rough weather, but I had come prepared. My traveling companion had brought something along called the “patch,” and I put it on and wore one for the whole time I was on the ship. It worked like a charm, and the only side effect was a dry mouth. No problem that another cocktail can’t cure.

There is something for everyone to do on a cruise ship. I attended an ice show, a Motown revue, and an art auction. There’s a casino, a gym, and a spa. And you can also sign up for off-ship excursions. How does jet-skiing and snorkeling sound? Also, each ship usually has its own private island where you can be ferried over for a beach day and barbecue.

And speaking of food, you will never go hungry on a cruise ship. You can sample from the buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner or make a reservation at the dining room and order from a menu. If you don’t like putting on your “Sunday finest,” then the buffet is for you. For me, I stick with the dining room to resist the opportunity to overeat. And if you’re a night owl or an early bird, there are places to eat on the ship that are open 24 hours.
You know what the best part is of going on a radio-station sponsored cruise? For me, it is getting to meet some of my listeners. Whether it’s attending the Welcome Aboard show on the first night, the midweek private cocktail party, or the “Dive-In” movie, it’s enjoyable to hang out with people who support what you do on the air on a daily basis. It’s through these fun and relaxing activities that we get to know each other, and the resulting camaraderie makes for a memorable trip.

Have I convinced you yet that taking a cruise might be right for you? The next one sets sail April 15, 2018! For more information, go to