10 Yr Old Kidpreneur Inspires Kids


At age 10, Arianna Fox is an inspirational speaker, motivating and encouraging kids, young people and adults to succeed in business, growth and achievement of goals. What she may lack in life experience, she more than makes up for with the enthusiasm, energy, positivity and knowledge that believing in one’s dreams is the first step in achieving success. In fact, regardless of the age group she is speaking to, she stresses the mantra of “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

On Thursday, April 6, Fox met with local children at The Breakfast Club Daycare Center in Milford, DE as part of her Big Ideas Kids Coaching endeavor. Through teaching, interactive stories, games and fun, Arianna helped each kid realize their true potential not only to dream big about their future, but to start now as a kid.

“I want to inspire people to get a spark of inspiration from my talks that helps them to dream big,” said Fox. “I want them to not be afraid to dream big and see that they can easily overcome obstacles like shyness, the fear of failure and putting too much time and thought into what others think.”

Fox is focused on helping others to succeed and realize their dreams but she is very conscience about emphasizing that while individuals climb the ladder of success, they should help others and not forget that everyone has a dream. At the April event, she helped the children visualize this idea by asking each of them to hold a ballon over their head that represented their dreams. Then she asked them all to drop the balloon and try to pop the balloons of others while safely securing their own with their feet. When the game was over, only a few kids were left with their balloon still filled.

“So many negative people will try to stomp on your dreams and if you focus on doing the same it is hard to realize your own dreams,” said Fox. “We should help others to succeed instead.”

In addition to speaking and influencing others, Fox also is actively involved in the family business Splash Designworks, an award winning full service, creative design, ad, digital marketing, voice-over and branding agency. Business chamber presidents and local business owners know her as she travels with her parents to business networking events across the state of Delaware. Fox wants business leaders to know that the next generation is ready and eager to impact the world.

“Although many will have you believe it, you are not too young to start a business and follow your dreams,” said Fox. “You need to dream big and believe that you can do it.”


She is gearing up to make an impact in the lives of children and youth, while at the same time empowering adults and professionals, all to strive to succeed and reach their fullest potential. Arianna is currently writing a book, speaking and participating in many events to help others. Business, corporate and community groups can invite Arianna Fox to speak to their group about success through her website at http://www.bigideaskidcoaching.com, or by email at afox@bigideaskidcoaching.com or 302-399-7851.

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