Mule Run Meats To Offer Imported Cheeses


By Terry Rogers

In the next few weeks, Mule Run Meats, located at 1931 Bowman Road in Milford, will begin offering imported cheeses provided by The Cheese Board, a locally owned company. Owner Ken Blessing said that Mule Run will be selling these cheeses which will be imported from Italy, France, England, Ireland and other countries.

“On April 22, we plan to do a cheese tasting with the company who is providing us the cheese,” Mr. Blessing said. “There will be samples for people to try. So far, everyone we’ve told about it is excited. It is something they have wanted in Milford for a long time. We’re excited to be the first venue to sell the items and we are really looking forward to it.”

Mule Run Meats opened in 2015, owned by Mr. Blessing and his wife, Sherry. Mr. Blessing said that the store will continue to sell beef and goat from animals raised on the family farm. In addition, the company sells turkeys they obtain from TA Farms and pork from Langfelder Farms which is just across the Maryland line. They also carry eggs from Sam Yoder Farm, free range eggs that Mr. Blessing says have excellent flavor as well as Backyard Jams and Jellies out of Milton. When it is in season, the store also has a stock of fresh produce sourced from local growers.

“We are now carrying a line of barbecue sauces from a company in North Carolina,” Mr. Blessing said. “I prefer to keep my suppliers very local, within a 15-mile radius. But, we had friends traveling in Tennessee and they found this sauce called “Old Mule,” which they brought back to us. As soon as we saw it, we knew we had to carry it here. We reached out to the company and found that the sauces are made by a family-operated, farming-oriented company. I believe we are the only place in Delaware to have this sauce. It comes in a regular season that is called “Half Kick” and a hot version called “Whole Kick.” We just felt that a sauce called “Old Mule” was perfect for Mule Run Meats.”

Earlier this year, Mr. Blessing participated in a guest chef event at Abbott’s Grill. He said that a regular customer, Steve Shane of Mispillion Fitness, brought Kevin Reading of Abbott’s Grill into the shop one day and Mr. Blessing saw him picking up packages and checking them closely. He walked over and was introduced to Mr. Reading who said he would like to have Mr. Blessing and Mule Run Meats as a guest on a television show, “Flavour TV” which airs on WRDE-TV. Mr. Blessing agreed and, not long after, Mule Run was featured on the show where Mr. Reading cooked goat kabobs he had purchased from the store.

“After the show, Kevin said he would like us to host an event at Abbott’s Grill, so we agreed,” Mr. Blessing said. “We supplied the meat but since we had never done anything like this before, we were not sure how it would work. There were only about 12 people there, but the food was outstanding. I sell a good product, but Kevin tweaked it up a notch. We plan to do another one and, this time, we will know what we are doing and have a lot more people there.” Mr. Blessing said that the pastry chef at Abbott’s has been a regular customer almost since Mule Run Meats opened.

Mr. Blessing said that they are constantly adding new items to the store for customers to try. He said that one new item they would start carrying in early April was Chesapeake bacon. He was not sure what made it “Chesapeake,” but he thought it may have Old Bay added.

“I love Old Bay and I love bacon, so I think this will be incredible,” Mr. Blessing said. “I have to say that we are so appreciative to our customers for spreading the word. We do very little advertising, using social media and word-of-mouth for the most part. We’ve grown so much in just a year and that is all thanks to the wonderful, loyal customers we have.”

Mr. Blessing said that he plans to have a booth at the Farmer’s Market every Saturday this season as he feels like it is a great way to get exposure plus it helps Milford grow. He said that he feels as if his company has a strong local base and he wants to support the community as much as he can. The store is open Friday, Saturday and Monday from 12 Noon until 6 PM and they can be reached at 302-242-2281.

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