By Gary John

This is by no means a sales pitch, although Eagle 97.7, Cool 101.3, Delaware 105.9 and 97.1 The Wave are setting sail on the 2018 Cruise to the Carribean on April 15, 2018 and if you’re asking I’m telling you that you should definitely go. I was lucky enough to sail on this year’s radio station cruise and it was the best I’ve ever been on, by far. The weather was phenomenal, the port stops were amazing and I don’t think we could have packed any more fun into those 8 days.

The most important part of any good vacation of course are the people that you share it with and I think that’s part of what made this cruise the best for me because my father took the trip with us. And this my friends is the point of my story. I moved away from New Jersey and the bedroom that I occupied in my Dad’s house in April of 2000 and have been loving life here in the First State ever since. In those 17 years I of course have kept close contact with all my Jersey peeps, my Dad being no different, but I hadn’t taken an opportunity to steal him all to myself for an extended period of time and we waited way too long to do it.

Life is fleeting, every second that passes is another second closer to not getting another one and we never know when that last second will be so grab the ones you love the most and hold them tight. Don’t wait for someday or next week, or “Yeah, we’ll have to do that” just DO IT! I didn’t realize how much I missed that man until I got to spend so much time with him that it was ok for us to just sit next to each other quietly and enjoy the serenity of the ocean breeze while we waded in the Carribean Sea off Half Moon Cay. This man has taught me everything he knows, mainly without saying a word. I remember watching how he treated people, not only the ones that we were close too, but I really always recall how he treated strangers. Always with a friendly refrain like “Buddy” or “Ma’am”, I have rarely and I mean rarely seen him angry, and I still aspire to let myself stay so calm. He is in short an amazing example of a human being and I have been lucky enough to have him shape and guide me over the years and it’s sad that it took me 40 years to figure out that we need to make more “us” time. So let my follie be your opportunity.

Maybe it’s not your Dad, it could be your Mom, or a sibling, maybe even a best friend. Make some time, and I don’t mean just saying that you will. I mean it, stop what you’re doing and look at your calendar and set a date and share that date with that person and get together. Even if you just start by setting aside a few minutes to call that person, not a text or an e-mail. An actual conversation, you’d be amazed what it will mean to not only you, but to that person that you care so much about.

Now trust me I understand how busy we are, but what good is all the stuff that we do that keeps us so busy if we never stop to share all that stuff with the people we love the most?!? I don’t know maybe it was clear salt breeze that opened my mind or maybe the fact that I turned 40 this year is making look on the downslope of this crazy ride we call life, but I know that those 7 days that I just spent on the Carnival Pride with my wife, son and my hero are the 7 best days that I’ve had in quite some time. And I for one can’t wait to spend the next 10 minutes I can with that wonderful man. Hopefully my story inspires you to rekindle a connection with someone you love.

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