Elks Lodge Helps for Local Woman


By Terry Rogers

On Saturday, April 8, 2017, Milford Elks Lodge held a benefit dance for a local woman who had recently suffered several medical issues that left her paralyzed. Jane, who worked at Chicken Man in Milford, suffered a heart attack and series of strokes, according to Charlene Fuller who helped organize the event. Ms. Fuller asked that Jane’s last name not be used to protect her privacy.

“One of her arms and the opposite leg was complete paralyzed,” Ms. Fuller explained. “At the time of her illness, she had no health insurance because she was unable to afford the premiums. She was in the process of applying for Medicaid or Medicare when the heart attack happened. The helicopter that took her to Christiana, a 15-minute ride to save her life, cost $55,000 to $65,000. She has hospital bills, doctor bills, testing, all of that on top of it. It is overwhelming.”

The benefit dance featured the band Buddy’s Hideway, playing old and new country, 50s and 60s hits as well as southern rock classics. There was a silent auction, cash bar and food sold as well in an effort to raise money to help Jane offset her medical costs. Ms. Fuller said that the goal was not about how much money they raised, but to help build Jane’s morale and spirits.

“She is in rehab right now and has gained some use of her arm and a very small amount in her leg,” Ms. Fuller said. “She is using a walker, but she can’t work and her spirits are just way down. This is a lot of stress on someone and we hoped this would help her feel a little better. Everyone knows that good spirits are important to healing, so if we could do something that would help boost her spirits and maybe improve the healing process, we wanted to do that.”

Ms. Fuller said that donations were still being accepted at the Milford Elks Lodge to help Jane recover. Anyone who wanted to donate or who has ideas for helping Jane manage her medical costs can call the Elks Lodge at 424-2401 or Ms. Fuller at 422-4841.