Stress Relief Online


By Paula Sangeleer Cool 101.3

So many of us lead busy lives with lots of stress. It comes from bosses, kids, bills, and wishing there were more hours in a day. We drink too much caffeine and say yes to every demand. We feel pressure coming down on us like an avalanche as our muscles tense beyond all comprehension. Somehow though we have time for the internet. When used properly, it can offer endless stress relief, for hours on end even. I know you’ve seen these things, the stress melting videos that take you to a place of joy and sweetness and perfect relaxation and laughter. You know what I’m talking about. You cannot deny the joy brought about by a baby donkey in a hammock, a cat on a roomba, or a baby porcupine eating a banana slice. How about baby goats knocking each other over and standing on each others backs.

There is nothing sweeter than otters holding hands as they sleep so they won’t drift apart. Ever spent any time watching pandas roll down a hill or a french bulldog on a skateboard. I think we will all remember a relaxing sixteen months watching April the giraffe pace and pace until she popped out that beautiful 120 pound baby boy. If all of these have you tired of the internet, or something just has you so stressed out you could scream, just search for inter-species friendships. How nice would the world be we could all be friends like the elephant and dog, or the pit-bull with the baby chicks? Check out some at

After all of this, if you are starting to feel just way too relaxed, don’t worry, there will be something politically inflammatory as you scroll. If you really want more time in your day, you could also try walking away from your computer and just sit in the grass or go for a walk in the woods. Don’t forget your camera though, in case you find the next animal to go viral on the internet. No pressure.