Burk Wins Ward 2 Council Seat


By Terry Rogers

On Saturday, April 22, the City of Milford held an election for a Ward 2 council seat in which Councilman James Burk, who has held the seat for two years, was challenged by John Bechtold. From noon until 8 PM, residents of Ward 2 who were registered to vote in City elections cast ballots for the two candidates. With 79 percent of the vote, James Burk will retain his seat on City Council for two more years.

“There were 131 of votes cast in the election with James Burk receiving 104 votes and John Bechtold receiving 27 of votes,” read election official Karen Boone. After the election votes were read, Mr. Bechtold congratulated Councilman-elect Burk, shaking his hand. Councilman-elect Burk thanked the election officials for spending their Saturday providing assistance to citizens who came out to vote.

Councilman-elect Burk will be sworn in to serve a two-year term at the Annual Reorganization Meeting for City Council on May 1, 2017. Councilmen Christopher Mergner, Douglas Morrow and James Starling Sr. will also be sworn in that evening having run unopposed.

“I am pleased with the results and thank all of the supporters, well-wishers and people who came out in the rain to vote as well as those who took the time to send in absentee ballots,” Councilman-elect Burk said after the results were read. “It is important to give back to your community and I look forward to continuing my efforts in support of this great city. I want to commend John for putting his hat in the ring and I hope to see him around in the future.”

Councilman-elect Burk has served on City Council since he ran unopposed for his first term when Councilman Dirk Gleysteen decided to step down from City Council in 2015. Burk currently serves as chairman of the Police Committee as well as serving as a member of the Community Affairs and Finance Committees. Prior to taking the seat on Council, Councilman-elect Burk was the Chairman of the Planning Commission. 

Congratulations to Councilman Jamie Burk on his reelection,” Mayor Bryan Shupe said. Looking forward to continuing our success as a City through proactive economic development, downtown revitalization and strategic growth.”