Eagle 97.7 Welcomes New Morning DJ


By Terry Rogers

The popular radio show, Eagle in the Morning, welcomed a new host recently when Jhas Williams-Wood joined Petch, the well-known morning DJ with the British accent. Jhas, who is originally from Willingboro, New Jersey, said it was Petch who brought her to Milford.

“I’m definitely a fan and love what he brings to the table,” Jhas said. “I feel like we make a great team. God presented the opportunity and I took it!” Jhas has also lived in Sickerville, New Jersey, where she moved when she was ten. She says her mother still lives in the town that is about 30 minutes outside of Cherry Hill, so she visits “home” often.

Jhas said that she had a bit of a rocky start in her high school experience. She dealt with issues that forced her to switch to three different schools in her senior year. She left a public high school to transfer to a Christian school and then moved to a performing arts school near Atlantic City, New Jersey. She graduated from Winslow Township High School in Atco, New Jersey and has attended Rowan University as well as the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, California.

“I have always been a character,” Jhas said. “My whole life, I was the entertaining friend with no filter and my mouth frequently got me into trouble. I entered college as a theatre major and was walking past the college station when I paused to listen in. It wasn’t quite theatre, but It was a form of performing while using natural, God-given talent and ability. I was hooked. I took the course that was required and failed the exam. Twice! I was only allowed to retake the exam once and failed the test itself and the re-take. I didn’t even want to tell my parents because I was so embarrassed. But, I didn’t have to. The proctor giving the exams told me that even though I wasn’t good at the technical aspect of it, there was something about me that he liked. And, by the grace of God, he gave me a small slot with a two-hour show during the week. Later, I earned my own night time radio show on Saturday nights from 11 PM to 1 AM called ‘Satin Nights with Jhasmine Danielle.’”

Jhas says that the best thing about being a DJ is exercising the part of her personality that is wild and crazy, as she is actually fairly quiet and reserved. She says that since she is low-key in real life, when she gets on air, she gets the same rush she gets when reading a new script and being faced with putting on the best performance. She says that although all the stories she tells on air are true, she probably wouldn’t tell them in the same way if she was speaking to someone in person.

“Contrary to the ‘no holds barred’ personality I have on air, I’m actually private and quiet,” Jhas said. “In fact, I’m truly one of the most boring people you’d ever meet. I’m personable, but, in the same breath, I’m rather reserved. My friends have to drag me just to get me to come out, so that is a challenge for me as a DJ. Of course, waking up is also one of the hardest parts of this job. Once I am in my car, I’m usually good to go. It’s just the first hour or two that I struggle. I’ve never been a coffee drinker, but suddenly, things are changing for me.”

Of all the places she has lived, Jhas says Milford is the quietist, but she likes the change of pace. She also says that the people in this area are very friendly. Jhas had never heard of this area prior to coming to work at Eagle 97.7, so everything is new to her and she is looking forward to learning more. She also said her work experience had been varied over the years.

“I’ve done a little bit of everything which helped shape my career greatly,” Jhas said. “I worked at a Bed, Bath and Beyond on the corner of Hollywood and Vine. What an experience that was! While living in L.A., I was so strapped for cash that I even did part-time work as a janitor! I have the best stories, though, especially from my first time as a server. I’ve always put pride aside when it comes to the bigger picture of what I want and getting it done.”
Jhas has three brothers, Christopher, Jonathan and Joshua. She is not married, but has three four-legged “children,” Tee Bone, a yellow lab mix; Roxie, a Rottie-Hound mix; and Biggie, a Schnauzer-Poodle mix, that Jhas says is her “smallest one.” Her dogs are with her mother currently, but because she moves around a lot and she needs a pet, she has two guinea pigs living with her in Milford, Cinnamon and Agnes.

Eagle in the Morning with Petch and Jhaz airs Monday through Friday from 5:30 to 10 AM. The show also airs from 7 to 9 PM Weeknights and on Saturdays from 6 to 10 PM.

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