Evans Wins Milford School Board Election


On Tuesday, May 9, 2017, Milford voters went to the polls to choose two board members for the Milford School District Board of Education. Mr. Barry Fry, who holds an At Large seat, and Mr. Eugene Rust, who holds a seat representing Area D, both stepped down from their positions on the board this year. Judith Purcell was the only person to file to run for the Area D seat and she will replace Mr. Fry on the board in July. Five people filed to run for the At Large seat: Ronald T. Evans, Michael Firch, Michael D. McKain, Jason M. Miller and Michael Wells.

Ronald T. Evans was the winner of the At Large seat with 227 votes, 39.27 percent. Michael D. McKain received 124 votes (21.45 percent), Jason M. Miller received 96 votes (16.61 percent), Michael Firch received 79 votes (13.67 percent) and Michael Wells received 52 votes (9 percent). Mr. Evans and Ms. Purcell will be sworn in at the district Reorganization Meeting scheduled for July 10, 2017.

“I would like to thank everyone who supported me and everyone who voted in the election,” Mr. Evans said. “I would also like to recognize the other candidates, each of whom ran good campaigns. I appreciate the insights and skills of all the other candidates, and I look forward to hearing their thoughts and ideas as they hopefully remain involved with the Milford School District.”

Mr. Evans ran for school board because his personal experiences as a parent to children in the district as well as being the spouse of a district teacher would allow him to improve support to teachers and be sure that all students in the district are afforded the opportunity to become successful through education. He said that his experience as a bank executive would also help him better understand financial issues in the district and make informed decisions regarding financial matters. He also hoped his expertise would improve transparency and honesty in the community.

“I believe it would be my responsibility, as a School Board Member, to not only facilitate communication between the district and the community, but to also stand in front of the community, especially those with opposing positions, to personally hear their concerns and attempt to answer their questions. This means being able to listen and understand the impact the board’s decision on their lives prior to making such an impactful decision,” Mr. Evans said prior to the election. “I believe it extremely important to engage the community before making a decision that will affect their financial condition, regardless of how little or great that impact may be.”

Mr. Evans said he is looking forward to working with the Milford School District and other Board Members in building an ongoing positive relationship with all segments of the community.

“A relationship built on trust, cooperation and open-mindedness so that we may, together, work in the best interest of the students, employees and taxpayers of the Milford School District,” Mr. Evans said.


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